Two on my daughter’s just love playing Minecraft game because they said that they can build almost everything they’d like.  I’m not a gamer like them and particularly this game, I’m not very fond of because everything is just SQUARE and it’s a bit hard to figure out what they are sometimes.  But my daughter who just turn 7 just really wanted a Minecraft cake so I made her one with the things she likes in Minecraft like the diamond sword, horse and dog .

I’m not a professional baker/cake decorator. I’m just a home-baker and cake decorating is just a hobby. I wanted the decorations to be girlie so I made a girl figurine just like her character in her profile. I even made a e rose bush cube and my older daughter said that there’s nothing like that in the game (hehehe, can’t help myself to improvise). For the cake, I made it a checkered cake (of course, to match the theme) with white chocolate and dark chocolate mud cake. And chocolate ganache for the frosting. I still had fun making this cake though.

The birthday girl and everybody liked it (even those who can’t relate – not familiar with the game).  One of my sister-in-law’s friend saw the cake’s photo in Facebook and asked how much for a cake like this. So, I guess I did something good.