Coolest DIY Moon Cake Ideas

The base of this moon cake is a simple round pan. I stabilized the ball cake with two wooden dowels. I piped stars on the moon and then smeared craters with some light gray frosting on the back of a spoon. The astronaut is a K’nex figurine. Everyone loved this cake and the kids all requested a piece of “moon cake”. Although the sky was also eaten up! I recommend NOT doing a black background. The deep purple blue ended up being perfect and sparkly edible glitter added to the night sky effect.

This cake is one of the many unique birthday cakes for an outer-space themed party and was very easy to make. Enjoy!

Another Moon Cake

Cake by Natalia A., Newtown, CT

Moon Cake

I looked all through lots of unique birthday cakes to find a cool cake my little Outer Space Astronaut birthday boy would love. I found a rocket cake mold — BORING — and some cute space candles.. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Then at a friend’s birthday party it hit me like a asteroid! The mom said she made a cake in a mixing bowl and made it look like a lady bug.

Well, It wasn’t that much of a quantum leap to turn it the same concept into a Moon Cake! Some creative food coloring mixing to get MOON GRAY icing and using a buttered spoon to make the creators.

Houston, The Cake Has Landed! Let’s Eat!

Moon Cake