Must-Have M&M Cake for a 2nd Birthday

This was the first homemade cake I have ever made beside putting batter in a cake pan and pouring frosting over when cool. I looked everywhere for a place that made a M & M cake as that was my son’s favorite thing ever at 2. I found not one company! So my mom and I took the challenge on ourselves and I was proud of our accomplishment of making our own M & M cake.

All we did was make 2 sheet cakes and filled them, frosted them with our homemade white frosting and smoothed it best we could. We covered a ding dong in fondant for the red and green character and a tiny loaf cake for the yellow guy. After we finished the characters, we thought they would look good coming out of the cake, so we plopped them in the middle and just started decorating with M & M’s dotted here and there to make the cake more colorful like M & M’s are.

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