This Homemade Steel Cage Wrestling Cake was made for a dear friend of the family. She asked simply for a WWE wrestling cake. I can say with all honesty-I don’t do easy. I am fourteen and have made dozens of cakes in the past. I thought “if it is going to be a wrestling ring cake why not go all the way?!” Build a steel cage to go around it! Make it a triple threat match! Half homemade chocolate fudge cake with three types of chocolate in the mix. Dark chocolate cocoa powder, standard Hershey’s cocoa powder and chocolate mini’s. The other half-homemade vanilla cake. I don’t use extracts, I use vanilla bean paste. It provides a rich, true vanilla flavor. More expensive but well worth it!

The steel cage was made from two sizes of hardware cloth and thick gauged wound wire. Once constructed, the steel cage was washed and sanitized completely, then air dried. A friend provided the the ring posts. After the butter cream icing was completed and smoothed out, I placed the steel cage over the cake-tight fit! Realizing that the ring posts were not added I leaned OVER the steel cage to add the ring posts and the ropes. The wrestlers were posed and added according to the young boys likes-and there you have a truly Radical Cake. That is why I’m Radical Rhi! I bake for family and friends while holding a 4.0 in school! Self taught for four years, my cakes are ALWAYS on the edge!