Night Before Christmas Cake

I am an amateur cake decorator.  I do this as a hobby on my special occasions for my family mostly.  I have not been taught I just look and try to create. This cake is one on my favorites.  As for the cake itself there is no hard work or carving.  It is just a rectangular cake and a small rectangular cake for the head rest of the bed.  But then a lot of work is involved in the decorating.  I did the floor tile by the use of a rectangular shape press. The bed was decorated by a frilled valance. I did the pillows and also added a frilled edge all around them.  Then I made the family, mum, dad and a boy. The quilt I wanted to decorate it as a patch quilt so I had to measure all the patches and paint them and in black I painted the stitches.  Then I had to model father Christmas which took me quite a long time.  I also added some other things such as toy, Christmas sock, plates with biscuits etc.  Hope you like my cake as much as I enjoyed doing it.