We have one person who makes a lot of birthday cakes for folks in the office. One day she had the cake sitting on a table next to the steps in a cake keeper and was attempting to grab her cat to take to the vet. She accidently bumped the table while making a grab for her cat sending the cake down the steps.  Luckily, she lives in a split foyer house that has a landing at the front door and you have to make a 180 degree turn to continue to the first level.  Did I mention the cake keeper was round?

It hit the landing in the correct spot to roll in a 180 arc and continue down to the first level. The poor girl came in part laughing / part crying to work.  The story made for a great set-up for her birthday a few weeks later when her office mate asked me to make a cake. I completely decorated the cake before three of us, very carefully, flipped it upside down onto the cat (rice crispies with fondant covering).