Phone Cake

My boss is always glued to her iphone, I really wanted to do something nice for her so I tried to recreate a phone cake.

I made a sheet, regular vanilla cake. I used fondant to cover the cake initially. I then also used fondant to create the touch screen buttons for the ipone. The cake is completely flat, I cut out holes to stick in the touch screen buttons and used food coloring and water to paint on the screen pictures. I made it flat because I didn’t want the buttons to stick out, because that is the neat part of the ipone that it is a touch screen.

I also used more water with the black where the screen is so it looked like it had a glare on it like a real cell phone would have. I do not have any cake experience, just from watching TV, so I am pretty proud of my creation. I hope you enjoy it!

15 thoughts on “Phone Cake”

  1. The ‘glare’ on the screen is really great! good job. I’m making a cell phone cake for my grandson…this gives me great ideas!

  2. I love your iPhone cake! I’m planning on making one for my sister for her birthday. I would not have thought to cut sections for the application ‘buttons’! Thanks for the tip.


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