Awesome iPad Birthday Cake

I was called to create a laptop for a 40th birthday. I did some research and due to time constraints,  decided to make his iPad birthday cake.  The screen shot is the ACTUAL screen shot from his iPad.  It looked so real, his 6 years old son went to grab it right off the cake! The … Read more

Cool Homemade iPod Cakes

Coolest Free Cake Recipes, Photos and Ideas

I made a 13×9 cake from one of the free cake recipes on this site and covered it with marshmallow fondant tinted black. I cut a square of white fondant for the screen and wrote on it with edible markers. I did the same thing with the menu circle. I shaped the white marshmallow fondant … Read more

Coolest Chocolate iPhone Cake

Coolest Chocolate iPhone Cake

I had a friend ask me if I ever made a I-phone cake…No I had not ! So this is what I came up with. This is a 12 inch white cake frosted in homemade buttercream frosting. I have to say, I love the look of a cake covered in fondant, BUT…I still prefer eating … Read more

Coolest IPad Birthday Cake

Coolest IPad Birthday Cake

I was asked to prepare an iPad cake for my friend’s birthday. I’ve never done anything like that before. I  baked three sponge cakes. On the first I put strawberry jam and covered it with a milk chocolate ganache. On the second I put strawberry jam and covered it with a white chocolate ganache.   … Read more

Coolest Justin Bieber Ipod Cake

Coolest Justin Bieber Ipod Cake

I got a request for this Justin Bieber Ipod cake for an 8 year old girl who loves Justin Bieber. I made the IPod by shaping 2 9×13 cakes, covering them in butter cream and then MMF. I also used the fondant for the details, including the headphones and buttons. Then I wrote the scrolling symbols with food coloring marker. I printed out … Read more

Coolest iPod Cake

Homemade iPod Cake

I made this iPod Cake for one of my niece’s birthdays. She was turning 11 and totally into music, so I thought an Ipod would be perfect. I also used her favorite colors on the cake. I used several ideas off of this site combined to make this awesome cake for her. I started with … Read more

Coolest iPod Touch Cake

Homemade iPod Touch Cake

With iPods being all the rage, this cake was a lot of fun to do. It’s a good thing I’m detail-oriented. A colleague of mine ordered a cake from me for her son’s Confirmation but she wanted something “non-traditional”. Since I did not have a lot of notice, I didn’t want to commit to anything … Read more

Simple Homemade iPod Touch Birthday Cake

Homemade  IPOD Touch Birthday Cake

This IPOD Touch Birthday Cake is a cake that I created for a friend of a friend. It was a two layer vanilla cake with cream cheese icing and a cherry filling. Although the icing was black, it was a really good, home- made cream cheese icing that tasted great. I used marshmallow fondant to … Read more

Coolest Rockin Into 8 with Ipod Birthday Cakes

Homemade Rockin Into 8 with Ipod Birthday Cakes

For my grandson, Jack’s, 8th birthday, he had a rockin’ and a rollin’ into 8 roller skating party with 26 friends. His mom came up with the idea of individual cakes to look like Rockin Into 8 with Ipod Birthday Cakes. I used a rectangular shaped cupcake pan to create the I-pods. Tops were made … Read more

Coolest iPod Boy Scout Cake

Homemade iPod Boy Scout Cake

My son’s cub scout troop had a bake auction. We decided to make an iPod Boy Scout Cake with a “scout theme”. The cake is a basic box cake baked in a rectangular baking dish. The icing is butter cream colored with grey and black food coloring. I discovered icing towels during this endeavor and … Read more

Cool Homemade Iphone Birthday Cake

Homemade Iphone Birthday Cake

My dad’s 44th birthday was coming up and he is always glued to his iphone. So I got this idea for a Iphone Birthday Cake pretty quick. It didn’t take that long, 4 1/2 hours roughly. The apps took the longest time, as they were made from fondant, and most were painted with diluted Wilton … Read more