Coolest iPhone Birthday Cake

I had a challenge on my hands, what birthday cake would make a grown man, who had all the things most people want in life, smile with glee when he received his birthday cake?!

The man in question works in technology, and it isn’t just his profession, but his passion too. So, I thought what better than his own iPhone as a cake!

Planning & Prep: I started by doing a sketch of a iPhone to work out scale. This was important, as I didn’t want to run out of room for the apps. I also needed to decide which features of the phone were going to make it onto the cake. Then to the apps, what apps would make the cake instantly recognizable as an iPhone. I also thought about the little details, such as having the date on the calendar as the date of the birthday. Once I had a sketch I could get planning.

I knew I needed a rectangular tin, but these are not too easy to come by, so I had to compromise by using a square tin and then cut the cake to a rectangle at a later point (works fairly well, but it’s a little wasteful. The birds liked it though)!

I then got to work out what icing colors did I need to make up (lots) and if I needed any special tools, but I just needed my basic cake icing equipment.

Baking – Night 1: I did a good sturdy Madeira cake in a 10” square tin. Then I kept the cake in the fridge overnight. I also mixed all the different icing colors required for the apps and stored them well wrapped and in an airtight container.

Decorating – Night 2: Cut a strip off the cake to make it rectangular. Leveled the cake and filled it with raspberry jam and vanilla butter cream. I iced the cake with black icing (shop bought, as with all dark colors, it’s difficult to get a good deep color when you color your own icing). I also, put the screen of the phone on the black icing. Next I rolled and cut out the squares for apps and left them to dry overnight. I did the squares by hand, as I think this adds to the personal touch of the cake.

Decorating – Night 3: Was for the detailed decorating of the apps and putting them on the cake, securing with edible glue. I then finished with the edging and the buttons on the phone.

Viola! A iPhone Cake. I was really proud of this cake and the birthday boy really loved it. I would absolutely recommend this for any gadget proud man or woman!

3 thoughts on “Coolest iPhone Birthday Cake”

  1. Such a novel idea!! And one that was so personal to the recipient. I hope he appreciated your creativity and obvious skill Katy. Well done on your masterpiece!

  2. Amazing looking cake, great idea for someone who has everything, defiantly inspiring! And the detail … The more you look at it the more you see!! Very talented!!


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