Pink Princess Cake

This cake was for a little girl’s very first birthday! Her mother wanted something special. Being a new mother myself, I knew what she meant.  The party was scheduled for Saturday, so I started the cake on Thursday.  Thursday night as I was attempting to crumb coat, my 9 month old woke up upset and would not go back to sleep, nor let me put him down.  After several hours of holding, snuggling, rocking, and singing to him he finally went to sleep.  I was exhausted.

It was 4AM and only half of the first layer was crumb coated. I laid my baby down for the night and finished the first round of icing, and stumbled into bed a little after 5AM.  I was too tired to do anything else. The following day my parents drove over 2 hours to come and help me with the cake, and with my son.  I could not have finished without my mother’s help.  I am very blessed and thankful.  The mother who the cake was for drove 45 minutes to come and pick it up.  Just goes to show what Mother’s will do for their children… no matter how old they are.

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