I made this cake for my first daughter,Ronil, who turned six in May. I have been contemplating for some time on what to make for her ,cos her 5th birthday was Mickey mouse club house. So I decided to Google cake ideas and came across castle cakes. I wanted to avoid making it because I do not have the castle stands. Changed my mind later on and decided to be creative so I went out to purchase cake stuff from a cake shop and then went on to a bookshop to get cardboard paper (donno what you guys call it over there, but in Benin-City, Edo State, Nigeria it’s called cardboard).

I made the cake with fruits and chocolates. Then I decided to make the fondant marble for the base cake, though it didn’t turn out as well as I expected, this is the first time I have marbled a fondant. Wondering what I did with the cardboard?? I cut it out to make the castle pillars and then I colored it with pink fondant coloring,  just to make it look kind of real, up to you to decide if I nailed it,lol. Then on the last layer of cake, I used Q as a window, cos she’s a Queen. The pictures above shows how it all turned out. The bottom line my daughter loved it and her loving it, made my DAY!