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35+ Coolest Homemade Snowman Cake Ideas

Take a look at these cool homemade Snowman cake ideas shared with us by cake decorators from around the world. Along with the birthday cakes here, you’ll also find loads DIY birthday cake-making ideas and how-to tips to inspire your next birthday cake project. Enjoy!

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Latest Snowman Cake Ideas

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Cake by Parsa S., Hamilton, Ontario

Coolest Snowman Cake Photos and How-To Tips

For his seventh birthday my son wanted a snow-man theme and a snowman cake. It was perfect because we had major snow day the day of the party. It was a hit! So for this snowman cake I baked two 9” cakes, one vanilla and one chocolate. This way the guests were able to pick the kind of cake they wanted. I left one cake intact for the body of the snowman. For the other one I cut it around to make it a little smaller for the head. You could simply use an 8″ cake pan. I cut a wedge from the bottom part of the head so it would fit snugly on the body.

For decorations I used butter cream icing on the entire cake. I then sprinkled the cake with powdered sugar to give it the effect of snow. I used jubjubs for the eyes and the buttons. I shaped an orange jubjub like a carrot for the nose. For the scarf I used fruit rollups. I tore a thin slice of the rollup to shape it as the mouth. For additional decoration around the cake I made little marshmallow snowmen. My son loved it!

Cake by Kelley W., White Springs, FL

Snowman Cake

I took two round cake pans, 6″ and 8″for this snowman cake. I cut a small piece off 6″ cake to be able to fit closer on top of 8″ cake. Keep small piece for top of 6″ cake for the base of the hat then free hand your icing using star tip for body and small round tip for scarf. For the top of hat use frosting to build up small square!

Snowman Cake

Cake by Shannon R., Erie, PA

Snowman Cake

My daughter and my husband share the same birthday. We have a combined party and I make a big cake. The party theme this year was Frosty the Snowman being that their birthdays fall on December 30th and he always says Happy Birthday when he comes to life.

I took two round cakes and frosted them with vanilla frosting. I used different colored icing and tips to create the eyes and mouth and buttons. My coworker made chocolate no bakes and molded them into the shape of a hat while they were cooling. I took some of the leftover vanilla frosting and mixed it with black icing and spread it over the cooled cookie hat. I decorated the hat with an icing flower and added the names.This snowman cake is fairly simple and very cute!

Snowman Cake

Cake by Laila B., Concord, CA

Snowman Cake

This snowman cake is based off a stuffed snowman doll given to my daughter immediately after birth (she’s a Christmas baby). The head and body were two different sized round cake pans. Pieces from a third round cake were used to shape the hat and scarf. The hat and scarf were decorated with red sprinkles and coconut served as the furry tips. The buttons and face were Jelly Bellies. An actual baby carrot served as a nose.

Cake by Yuko T., London, UK

Snowman Cake

This snowman cake was adapted from the ones on the Family Fun website. We live in England so not all the same candy is available over here however I think we made some improvements! Instead of the “Junior Mint” hats we used Rolos on top of a giant Cadbury’s chocolate button. Also the original recipe calls for a pretzel stick to hold the marshmallows together – I am glad I did a test run because the pretzels get soft if you make them at all in advance and the snowmen fall off. Solution – use “matchsticks” (or similar) chocolate after-dinner sticks instead. We used mint flavor which is nice and Christmassy and holds up excellently.

We also used these for the arms. I would recommend poking holes in the marshmallows first with a wet chopstick as it makes threading the marshmallows onto the chocolate stick/pretzel a lot easier. Also remember to leave about an inch at the bottom and then you can stick the snowman into the cupcake. Of course you could use a bamboo skewer instead but then you have to worry about the kids eating it if you have young children in mind. Also as a final touch I bought a black food coloring marker and used that for the features – a lot easier than black gel.

And for the nose of the snowman cake I used orange fondant/regalice molded and left to harden. Make these extra long and stick them into the snowman’s face (having made a hole with a chopstick. Final touch was some edible white glitter on top of the white frosted cake for snow. These were hard work but definitely worth it! My daughter’s teachers were very impressed. Scarf is fruit roll-up as the website suggested and these were very easy and cute. Don’t need to tie them just pinch together and they stay put. The other cupcake on the plate is Rudolph with a cherry nose and pretzel antlers. Very easy if the snowmen are too daunting!

Cake by Chaitra J., Akron, IN

Snowman Cake

My mom is a teacher and was asked to bring in a dessert for their Teacher Work Day so I promised her I’d make her one. Since I’m really into cake decorating right now I decided on a cute snowman cake. Since I really couldn’t find any on the internet that I liked I came up with one of my own.

I baked a chocolate cake in a standard 10 inch round cake pan. When it cooled I iced it in butter cr?me icing. For the hat of the snowman I took Swiss Cake Rolls and positioned them on the cake board until I got the desired hat shape that I wanted. Then I simply took red butter cr?me icing and star-tipped a red band on the hat.

The eyes and mouth of the snowman were simply done in black butter cr?me icing. I wanted the nose of the snowman to be 3D looking so I had the idea of taking a tootsie roll and molding it into a “carrot” shape. What’s fun about using tootsie rolls is you can bend and shape them until you get the desired shape you want! I then star-tipped orange butter cr?me icing onto the “carrot” nose.

The coolest thing about this snowman cake was making the scarf. I took red Fruit by the Foot and made the scarf as long as I wanted. So that the scarf looked frayed I just took some scissors and cut into the fruit by the foot. To get the “scarf” to stay together and on the snowman I used the icing as my glue. And to make the cake even cuter I wrote “Let it Snow!!!” on the cake board and placed sugared snowflakes around the snowman’s face.

Overall this snowman cake turned out as cute as a button and my mom and the rest of the teachers loved it!

Cake by Stacey K., Detroit, MI

Snowman Cake

I made this snowman cake for my mom’s birthday after looking at many other snowman cakes online. It was very simple to make.

First I made two 8 inch round cakes and cut them into the size that I wanted. I iced them with white frosting. The left over icing I dyed blue for the scarf. I added candy for the eyes nose etc. Enjoy!

Cake by Michele D., Rochester, NY

Snowman Cake

I made this snowman cake for a birthday party my sister-in-law was having for one of her friends. I used the Wilton Sports Ball pan for the globe. I used two 6-inch cakes for the base and an 8-inch cake for the bottom.

I frosted the globe white and gave it a bumpy texture to resemble snow. I also sprinkled it with edible glitter. The party was in early December and was winter themed so I added snowmen with balloons to the base of the snow globe. I also put a dowel down through the middle of the globe and base to give it some stability.

Everyone at the party loved the snowman cake and it turned out better that I imagined it would!

Cake by Angela O., Jupiter, FL

Snowman Cake

I used tiered cakes for this snowman cake, making the top and smallest tier his top hat. I used a paper plate for the brim, cutting the center out and frosting it black like the hat. His arms are pretzels.

Cake by Becky Z., North Miami, FL

Snowman Cake

The cake was baked in the Wilton snowman pan and decorated in butter cream.

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