Cool DIY Piano Cakes

I cut a 9×12 cake into the shape of a grand piano. I cut pieces to put around the edge to make it look as if it had depth. I cut a piece of poster board for the top and sprayed painted it black. I used small round glass candle holders for legs and iced them with all black. I used chocolate store bought icing and colored it black to get the blackest color. I used a piece of poster board with keys drawn on it for the keyboard. I used edible sand inside the piano and a cake skewer to hold the lid up.

Thanks to other specialty shaped cakes on this site I go my idea for this cake!

More Piano Cakes

Cake by Liza K., Mechanicsville,VA

Piano-Shaped Cake

I made this piano cake for a true music lover! I used a 9 x 13 pan as well as an 8 x 10 inch pan.

I then used homemade Wilton buttercream icing to create the keyboard as well as the sheet music and notes.

It was an easy cake to make as I copied it from other specialty shaped cakes on this website!

Piano-Shaped Cake

Cake by Tabitha G., Green Cove Springs, FL

Piano-Shaped Cake

I used two 16X2 square pans and then cut out the piano. The bottom is left longer than the top to leave room for the keys. I cut the sides to look curved for the edges beside the keys.

The cake was done in off white icing. The keys were in white and black. Rosettes were used fro the border. I added homemade flowers from royal icing. This cake was made for my son’s piano recital.

Cake by Michelle K., Ambler, PA

Piano-Shaped Cake

This is a very easy cake to make. It is just stacked cakes on top of each other decorated with white and black frosting.

Cake by Laurel D., Calgary, Alberta Canada

Piano-Shaped Cake

This cake was made for a Piano teacher. I used the Slot Machine cakepan from Wilton and made a template for the black part of the piano. I then put pink and yellow roses around the edges.