Spring Theme Cake

I started by making cake balls, by using a cake pop pan.  I used a box of white cake mix and I added a package of vanilla pudding mix to the batter and I also used milk instead of water, and I used whole eggs instead of egg whites because I knew I’d be tinting the cake batter anyway.  I did this because I didn’t want the cake balls to be dry since they would be essentially baked twice.  I divided the batter up and then tinted the batter using gel color.

Once the balls were baked I trimmed them up using scissors to make them more round.

I then made another box of white cake mix.  I didn’t alter this mix.   I put a small amount of batter in the prepared pan.  Then arranged the colored cake balls in the pan, and poured more batter over the balls.  And baked!

Once baked and cooled I stacked my cake and iced with buttercream.  I then covered it with fondant, and used flower cutters and circles for the decorations.  The balls around the outside are just rolled fondant.

I bought some butterfly stickers and some thin wire at the dollar store and used these for the top of my cake.

The colored cake balls were a huge hit with kids and adults.  Many people were trying to figure out how I got the colored balls inside!

Next time I would put less cake batter in the pans because my one cakes rose to high and I ended up having to trim it and cutting off some of my cake balls.

I also used dowels and foil wrapped cardboard between the top and bottom cakes because I didn’t want the top tier to sink into the bottom cake.  This also made it easier to cut and serve the top cake.

VERY fun cake to make.  My daughter loved it, and it went with her spring garden themed party!

Spring Theme Cake

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