Coolest Swimming Pool Cake

I made this Swimming Pool Cake for a fourth grade graduation pool party. Because nine boys and eight girls were to attend, I decided to make each out of fondant and placed them in the pool.

I colored piping gel with electric blue ‘gel food color’ for the water. For the sides, I used a #127 rose tip with an up and down motion, and #32 shell tip for the border. I colored more gel with black “gel food color’ for trim around the side of the cake.

This is decorating is done by filling gel bags with 3-4 tablespoons and squeezing hard with up and down motion while turning your cake wheel. Oh, one more tip… I made curly hair by rolling fondant thin and wrapping it around a tooth pick.




7 thoughts on “Coolest Swimming Pool Cake”

  1. This is an amazing cake. I love the fact that you put each child in the pool. I bet that really made them feel special.
    Excellent job!!!

  2. I agree with the other comments – I bet the kids all felt really special. Thanks for the great pictures!

  3. I was just wondering when you placed the gel on top did you do a crumb layer underneath with like white icing or did you directly place the gel on the cake?


  4. I love the idea the way you made each child look like. You are great in what you do! Fabulous job! Looks so real. Kids probably felt so special! Love it!

  5. I love your cake. I am planning a pool cake for my son’s 6th birthday party this month. Your idea is very similar to the one I have in my head so it was great to see one made!

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