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Cake by Patricia G., Surrey, BC

Coolest Tinkerbell Cakes

This Tinkerbell cake was made using the pampered chef bowl (any Pyrex deep bowl will do). I bought a Tinkerbell doll (which is shorter than a Barbie) and wrapped her legs in saran wrap and carved a hole in the cake and put it in. The Tinkerbell cakes were topped with play rings for the all the little girls to keep

Cake by Beth R., Melbourne, Australia

Tinkerbell Cake Photo

I got the idea from Stephanie L. but with my cake I chose to make her dress two shades of green. The bottom cake was a 12 inch round and since my friend’s little girl was having a green and purple Tinkerbell party then I thought that cake should be purple.

For Tink I used the Wilton Wonder Mold and iced the entire skirt smooth with leaf green with a touch of yellow to make a lime green. I took a toothpick and made V markings around the top of the skirt to give it that Tinkerbell look and used a start tip to fill it in. The star tip was used on upper body as well. I made the green color at the top of the dress brighter and darker to match the bow in her hair.

I just used the same icing for the bottom of the skirt but added more leaf green to make it a little darker. I loved the two greens together. I piped some purple here and there and just star tipped the border at the bottom of her dress. I bought sugar flowers at the local cake shop to match along with a butterfly.

This was my first attempt at Tinkerbell cakes and it was a fun to do.

Cake by Renee B., Sicily, Italy

Tinkerbell Cake Photo

I made this Tinkerbell Doll cake for my daughter’s fourth birthday. I was a little nervous because I’ve never made a doll cake before but I was very surprised at how easy it was! This wonderful website has many ideas for Tinkerbell cakes and I copied some ideas from the other cakes. I used the Wilton Wonder mold cake pan for the cake and a Tinkerbell doll that I bought just for this reason. I used two instant cake mixes and had enough batter left over to make 12 cupcakes after filling the pan.

I baked the cake according to the directions (it took a little over an hour) and let it cool completely. Then I covered the outside of the entire cake with buttercream frosting and used Wilton’s pre-made fondant icing for the skirt. I was very surprised at how easy it is to use fondant icing. Wilton carries a bright white variety that you can color yourself (I used green and lavender) and then roll or cut into whatever shape you need. I rolled out green for the main part of her skirt and then shaped it to drape over the cake.

After I had the cake covered I removed Tinkerbelle’s clothes and put them away and wrapped her lower body from the chest down with plastic wrap. I cut a hole in the top and inserted the doll until the cake was even with her waist. Because the doll was shorter than most Barbie dolls she fit beautifully. I used a little more of the fondant icing to shape the bodice of her dress. Leaf shaped cut-outs in lavender made the petals of the skirt and then I dusted them with Wilton’s Pearl Dust to make the shimmer. After I was finished with the fondant I piped in the rest of the details with colored buttercream frosting. I didn’t want to spoil the cake by inserting candles so I inserted them into large marshmallows and decorated them with more of the buttercream and stuck them to the plate with even more buttercream.

All in all I was very happy with the way the cake turned out and my daughter loved it! Not including the cake baking and cooling it took me a little over three hours to complete the cake decorating from start to finish.

Cake by Hannah E., Perth, Western Australia

Tinkerbell Cake Photo

The cake was a two-layer chocolate ‘crazy cake’ baked from scratch with chocolate buttercream. All of the icing and decorations you can see are made from sugar paste (fondant). I covered the cake in pink sugar paste. The daisies were made with a daisy cutter and the centers were textured by pressing small balls of yellow sugar paste against a sieve. I allowed them to dry before attaching them to the cake with sugar glue.

The leaves were made using a rose leaf cutter. I decorated the top of the cake using star plunger cutters green silver and pink cachous and edible silver luster powder for Tink’s fairy dust. To make Tink I printed a coloring picture from the internet to use as a guide because I couldn’t copy from the other Tinkerbell cakes on this site. I figured that a flat pose (standing vs sitting cross-legged or bending forward) would be easier to model in 3D. The hardest part was definitely her head as sugar paste does not hold its shape well- next time I will try modeling paste!

Tinkerbell Cake Photo
Tinkerbell Cake Photo

Cake by Sara O., Waco, TX

Tinkerbell Cake Photo

This was my first character cake. I used the Wilton Tinkerbell pan and the Wilton colors to tint the icing. Instead of icing the entire cake first like the instructions said I outlined the details in black and starred in the appropriate colors. I even starred the sides of the cake instead of icing smooth because I really like that look.

This is my first ever attempt at Tinkerbell cakes and the teachers at school loved it and even ordered cakes!

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