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Cinderella birthday cake by Danielle E., Mentor, OH

Coolest Cinderella Birthday Cakes

My daughter turned three and loves Cinderella. I got the idea for the doll cake from a book I had. After doing some research on-line for Cinderella birthday cakes I got ideas on how to make it as least complicated as possible. This is the first time I’ve ever made a cake like this and was amazed at how good it came out.

I used a glass Pyrex bowl (2.5 L) to make the top part of the dress. I mixed together two chocolate cake batters and used almost all of it. I baked it at a low temperature (225-250 degrees) for almost three hours to make sure it baked evenly. I also put tons of Baker’s Joy so the cake would slide out. I then baked two 9″ round yellow cakes (one boxed cake mix divided evenly in the pans) and then froze the cakes for a day or two after cutting a hole in the middle of them.

I made homemade buttercream frosting from a random recipe I had in a book. While making it I thought it was extremely sweet and almost powder sugar tasting. When I ate it with the cake it was perfect. I took the layers and used the frosting in between. I crumb coated it with the remaining frosting and put it in the fridge for a few hours. Then I mixed another batch of frosting and put food coloring in it until it matched the dolls outfit. I put that layer on after the crumb coat was pretty solid and I knew it wouldn’t interfere with the top layer.

I went to a craft store and bought tulle rounds (9″ ones) and put them on either side of the doll. They were a perfect fit and I didn’t have to make that part of the dress in frosting. I then bought edible glitter in a pearlier color, put it in a sandwich bag and used a rolling pin to make it powdery and sprinkled it all over the dress. The cake layer pans and Pyrex bowls were a perfect match and required no trimming around the edges. I put the cake all together the night before and put it in the refrigerator overnight. The next day it was perfect the frosting was great and the cakes were extremely moist. It was a huge hit at the party and most guests looked at it and didn’t know it was the cake. When my daughter saw it she said “it’s my favorite’s cake I’ve ever seen!”

Cinderella birthday cakes are very easy to make and very impressive.

Cinderella birthday cake by Pam B., Red Deer, AL

Cinderella Birthday Cakes

I used the Wiltons dress pan cake on top of a two layer cake to accommodate the height of the doll. This fed twelve – fifteen people. Cinderella is a ballet Barbie and the idea I got from other Cinderella birthday cakes on this site.

I styled and hot glued a ribbon in her hair. I decorated the bodice and skirt of the dress with butter cream icing tinted with Wiltons gel coloring.

For the gloves I put a small amount of icing in the microwave on low for 15 seconds then iced the arms and hands with a paintbrush. I also used the paintbrush to dot on earrings.

Cinderella Birthday Cakes

I used Wiltons pearl dust to give the dress some shimmer but this really didn’t show up very well.

Cinderella birthday cake by Amanda R., Bristol, VA

Cinderella Birthday Cakes

My son’s first and my daughter’s fourth birthday parties were held together since their birthdays are three days apart. So having to make two cakes I was able to make some of the decorations in advance. A week earlier I made the mice and birds out of color flow icing using a coloring page for my template. The pumpkins were made out of three sizes of toy balls covered in marshmallow fondant. Cinderella’s dress was made from a cake baked in the Pampered Chef Small batter bowl stacked on top of a round cake trimmed to the right diameter to give it a little more height.

I decorated Cinderella on a 6” plate and placed her on top of the cake using six Dow rods for support. Cinderella’s dress was iced in butter cream icing and then covered in the marshmallow fondant. I used the Cinderella doll’s original dress so that the puffed sleeves and the white puffy part over the skirt would show.

Cinderella Birthday Cakes

I covered the bodice in fondant so that the top would match the bottom. I pressed in a small string of pearls down the middle of the bodice and covered the dress with pearl shimmer dust.

I had a tear in the back of the dress when placing the fondant on so I ended up making a series of ruffles and a big bow to accent the back of the dress which turned out nicely. I added several blue pink and purple flowers. When making the flowers I used the same icing bag so that some of the flowers had a mixture of all three colors blended in the icing.

Cinderella Birthday Cakes

This was my first “real” cake besides the ones I made in my Wilton course but I really enjoyed it and hope you enjoy my pictures of the Cinderella birthday cakes I sent.

Cinderella birthday cake by Angela C., Corinth, TX

Cinderella Birthday Cakes

I used two vanilla cake mixes. I poured batter into a two quart Pyrex mixing bowl and baked. I used the rest of batter and poured into a large round cake pan and the rest into a standard (9inch) cake pan. I did not fill up the standard size cake pan put had enough to add another layer.

This made it tall enough so that I did not have to take off the Barbie’s legs. Let the cakes cool a couple of hours before icing. Start with bottom layer of the Barbie skirt cake and ice completely. Add second layer and apply icing. Make hole into top layer (Barbie’s dress). Put on cake and then stick Barbie in. Apply base color of icing on dress. Next use your decorating tools to add roses and decorations on all layers as desired.

Cinderella birthday cake by Jenny S., Winter Park, FL

Cinderella Birthday Cakes

It was a yellow cake with strawberry filling. First I covered the cake with buttercream icing and then with rolled fondant. Flowers, stairs, doors and windows were made out of fondant. Royal icing was used for the finishing touches. Castle towers were made of ice cream cones (the top and the bottom of poster board) and covered with fondant; and painted with edible silver. Wire and bits were used to make the other decorations.

A small Cinderella decoration was used to complete the theme of the cake. It was delicious and very pretty! All my ideas I got from Cinderella birthday cakes on this website.

Cinderella birthday cake by Joann M., Perth, Western Australia

Cinderella Birthday Cakes

My oldest daughter was having a princess themed 5th birthday party and wanted Cinderella birthday cakes for the party. After hunting everywhere for a Cinderella doll (all the Barbie ones here have pink dresses on ‘which is not the right colour’ says my daughter!) Finally I found this one on eBay and picked it up for only $10. It was beautiful and porcelain.

My daughter would not hear of me pulling of the dolls legs and dress so I had the problem of finding a dolly Virden tin that would cover a 40cm tall doll! In the end it took one tin plus two round ones underneath to be the right height! I cut a hole down the middle and after wrapping the bottom half of the doll (dress and all) stood it up in the cake. It was my first time using the fondant icing and I think I did an OK job. I had some luster powder which I painted on and this helped to hide the slightly bumpy job I did at the back. I had enough left over for a couple of panels down the side of the dress to add another dimension (and cover the join!)

A couple of well placed silver sugar balls and a couple of icing flowers and the dress was done. I couldn’t bear the thought of cutting into the doll so I made cupcakes for each of the girls and found on eBay (of course) these cute bonbinere plastic slippers that were perfect for the Cinderella slippers! I filled them with white M & M’s and that was it. The amazement of not only my daughters but he other girls and their mums was great. Well worth the four hours of baking and decorating!

Cinderella birthday cake by Tabitha B., Auburn, WA

Cinderella Birthday Cakes

I used my Betty Crocker cake pan set. I used a dome pan and two round pans to make her taller. The frosting is a whipped vanilla frosting made from cool whip vanilla instant pudding mix and a little powdered sugar. The filling is a raspberry filling.

My daughter loves princesses and I always see professional Cinderella birthday cakes that looked like this so I got the idea from them.

Cinderella birthday cake by Susan Langley, Dallas, TX

Cinderella Birthday Cakes

Cinderella is a favorite among my daughter’s classmates so I made them Cinderella birthday cakes for Audrey’s 4th birthday. In order to add height to the Wilton skirt pan I baked an additional 8″ layer and used a 14″ base on order to feed all the guests.

When provided with a doll that the birthday girl will play with after the cake is gone I wrap the body and legs from the waist down in plastic wrap. To prevent cracking in the skirt layer a larger whole must be cut rather than using the whole that is baked into the shape. I use a long serrated knife to enlarge the hole. This cake could serve 35-50 kids/parents.

Cinderella birthday cake by Kara S., Marion, IA

Cinderella Birthday Cakes

This was my first time ever trying to create Cinderella birthday cakes, but it was actually really easy. The bottom is an 8×13 cake and Cinderella’s skirt is the Pampered Chef batter bowl. I did end up having to take the dolls legs off since she was still about an inch too tall.

Cinderella birthday cake by Maria E., N Prov, RI

Cinderella Birthday Cakes

I made this cake for my niece’s birthday. I used the Wilton doll pan set. Then I used a 14 in round pan for the bottom part and used that as the stand.

I frosted both Cinderella birthday cakes using white and blue frosting. This cake was a hit!

Cinderella Birthday Cakes

Cinderella birthday cake by Leslie Z., Wheatfield, IN

Cinderella Birthday Cakes

I made Cinderella birthday cakes for my daughter’s 5th Birthday. The first tip is to find a Barbie that has a nice looking face and that has hair that you can work with. I first tied up her hair and made a ribbon to go in her hair after I had finished decorating her.

There is a cool pan that looks like an upside down cone or bee hive. A copper tube is inserted in the middle and filled with one cake mix. Always spray the pan first with Pam. You can use a 1 layer 9inch cake on the bottom of the cake or just fill in the missing cake at the top with icing. I didn’t need that much cake so that is what I did.

I used three different colors in piping bags fitted with the rose tip and a small star tip. I first covered the whole thing with white frosting and then made the ruffles and finished off her dress with fresh flowers and clear glitter. Neatness counts on any cake decorating project. Take your time and use the best ingredients. Every cake should come out tasty and beautiful.

Cinderella birthday cake by JS Croft, Germantown, TN

Cinderella Birthday Cakes

We found a lot of princess cake ideas online but no Cinderella birthday cakes so I just looked at them all then combined ideas. This is just a 2-layer cake recipe cooked in a glass 1.5 qt Pyrex bowl (check it often because the Pyrex bowl doesn’t really fit any of the directions). I used a Cinderella doll and Cinderella movie as primary models for cake design. (Frosted the entire cake with one batch of buttercream icing from Wilton)

The Pyrex pan has a flat bottom so I added a slope to create a more natural middle using marzipan (German or Danish almond paste – look at grocery stores, fondant might do the same, but I never tried it though). After the marzipan did the doll’s hair then added her to the cake.

This is the general order I decorated it in: Bodice and dress – used Wilton gel colors a little at a time until the color matched the color on the doll’s dress, just applied carefully with a spatula then after it set a bit, smoothed with wax paper and fingers dipped in cornstarch. Added a bit more marzipan for the side deco same as the sleeves.

Sleeves are marzipan balls stuck on the doll arms then a classic small star decorator tip to decorate in white. Neckline done with classic writing tip making dots that touch each other–practice on wax paper first. Bottom lines on dress in writing tip just a careful line that took a little cornstarch to smooth.

The doll head is a Wilton cake pick from a craft store and I just put frosting on for the head-band. Gloves–cannot remember when I put them on–from Cinderella doll birthday girl received. VERY IMPORTANT to cut Cinderella birthday cakes where party-goers don’t see and we still had to explain that her dress was for eating and show we were saving the doll. We cut the back first and used the front for our family party a few days later.