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What’s Christmas Without a Red Cardinal Cake?

This red Cardinal cake was an inspiration.  After making the sky blue, I drew the cardinal using the end of a rose nail. Then I used the grass tip with red icing to make the cardinal with piling the frosting with grass lines for dimension.  I used the border tip to make the branch using chocolate butter cream frosting.  The 10 tip worked great to make the holly and the 3 tip to make the snow on the branches and the berries. The wide leaf tip works great for the holly leaves.  Take the end of the rose nail to pull the ends of the leaves to make it look more like holly leaves. I used the 3 tip for the beak.  Airbrushed the beak gold.  Put detail in the cardinal with black airbrush.

This cake was just a thought in my brain and I put it in the case to sell. It sure didn’t stay in the case long before it was bought for someones Christmas celebration.

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