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Cake by Kerry S., South Australia

Coolest Wiggles Cakes

My nephew loves the Wiggles so my sister asked me (the resident cake maker) to make a Big Red Car for his second birthday. My inspiration was The Big Red Car DVD where they sing “Say Hello” and wave to all their friends (Henry, Wags, Dorothy and Captain Feathersword).

I found ideas from other Wiggles cakes on this site. To make this cake I used the Wilton 3D Car Pan which I bought off EBay. Then I made up two butter cake mixes separated it into four bowls and colored it Wiggles colors (red, yellow, purple and blue). Then I poured each colour into the pan, a little of each at a time, this made it marbled. When the cake had cooled I cut the bottom off to make it flat then cut off the top and the seats out.

Then I froze it because I didn’t need it for a few days and it is easier to ice frozen. The night before the party I made up the characters. I used ready-to-roll sugar paste and dyed it using concentrated colour which are much easier to use. I used Styrofoam and toothpicks so that the characters would dry in the right shape. Then I rolled out some green and brown paste to cover the board. This inspiration was the car driving through the countryside. So with the remaining colored icing I made some flowers using a spring form flower cutter and piece of foam.

Wiggles Cakes

I first iced a crumb layer on the cake. This is a plain buttercream layer (125g butter, 240g icing sugar and two tablespoons of milk) which picks up all the crumbs of the cake and allows you to have a smoother finish on the final layer. I then made a double mix of buttercream and divided it. I made a small amount on black, blue and purple, a little more of yellow and most red. Again using the concentrated colors enables you to make red much easier. Then I iced it as in the picture going by the ‘Big Red Car’ Wiggles book. Then I arranged it on the board and used the remaining icing in a piping bag and stuck all the characters and flowers on to the board.

I hope that this explains how I made the cake if anyone else wants to attempt Wiggles cakes. My nephew absolutely loved the cake. Not only did it look good but it tasted delicious too. Everyone was very impressed with it but most of all my nephew was.

Cake by Christine T., Port Chester, NY

Wiggles Cakes

I am the designated cake baker for my best friend’s family so I was delighted when she requested a Wiggles Big Red Car Cake for her son’s second Birthday. I got the idea from many other wonderful Wiggles cakes from this website. The cake recipe is the 1-2-3-4 cake from the Joy of Cooking. I used a Swiss Meringue Buttercream recipe for the frosting and Wilton Fondant for the car. I used the car cake mold from Wilton and carved out a space for the guys to sit.

I colored the fondant using gel colors, the red took three bottles! It’s a long difficult process to color fondant (it’s like kneading hard bread dough) but well worth it in the end. I spread a thin layer of frosting on the car for the fondant to stick and then rolled out the red fondant till it was a little thinner than 1/4″ thick. I placed it over the cake and then quickly smoothed it-you must work very fast with fondant otherwise it will dry and crack. I then rolled out the other colors and cut the appropriate shapes.

Wiggles Cakes

Fondant is like clay, it can be rolled and molded any way, and you just have to work a little fast with it. The writing on the logo is tinted royal icing. The characters were actually little finger puppets that were the perfect size! The sheet cake is a two layer 12″x18″ cake, there were about 40-50 people at the party so I needed to make it big enough so they wouldn’t have to cut into the car right away. The road is black fondant that I rolled out and measured and placed over the green buttercream. I tried to style the writing to mimic the Wiggles logo.

This cake did take me a while but I baked the cakes one night, made the frosting the next, colored the fondant the next and then decorated the car and sheet cake over the weekend so it wasn’t overwhelming for me. My friend and her family were extremely happy with the cake and I know her son was pleased too! Hope this cake will be added to your many Wiggles cakes on this site!