Coolest Wiggles Cake Photos and Tips

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Cake by Tiffany R., Medford, OR

Coolest Wiggles Cake Photos and Tips

I got my ideas for a Wiggles cake from this website. I did this Halloween cake several years ago with sugar cookies (kind of like a ginger bread house), cut a model out of cardboard and then cut my cookies and built it with sugar glue (royal icing). I saw this cake done differently on this website and thought that would be much more fun than drawing their faces on a simple cake.

I had to support the house and give it a foundation. The weight originally started to collapse the cake underneath it. So I put sticks in the cake and put the house on a cardboard base. I decorated the whole house in royal icing before piecing it together so the lines would be straight.

Decorating a cake vertical is not easy. The best part of this cake was when all was done. All their faces lit up at how cool it was!

Cake by Kelly R, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Homemade Wiggles Cake

My two year old went to his first Wiggles concert just before his birthday so I thought it was fitting to have a Wiggles theme party for his second birthday plus a Wiggles cake. I love this site and the ideas on it.

For the bottom cake I used a full sheet cake, 15×24. I flat iced the road first then did a boarder around it with black icing. I then flat iced the sheet cake with leaf green. Next I placed The Big Red Car and Flora on which I used the 3D cruiser pan and the 3D house pan, and then just added onto the house to make it wiggly and taller.

I formed the front of the house and the steps by hand, then just added them on. Both the house and Car were made out of Rice Krispies (loved this idea). The Wiggles characters I just unscrewed from my son’s big red car he had. (It’s next to impossible to find anything to do with the Wiggles in BC).

The hardest part of the cake I found was making the red icing for the Car. I used Wilton No Taste red color, about 1 ¼ oz. Most or the decorating was done using star tip 14, 16 and 21. The flowers on the cake were hand made icing flowers, and then decorated with the grass tip around them. The shrubs I just bought small terracotta pots then used Rice Krispies to form the shrubs and place a wiggle sucker in the top. The fence I used Fruit loop Twisters that I cut in half.

It was a lot of fun to make and a big hit at the party I loved watching my son just stare at his cake.

Cake by Susan B., Airdrie

Homemade Wiggles Cake

This Wiggles house was made from two cake mixes. I got this Wiggles cake idea from this Web site. Bake them in a 9×13 and a 9×9 pan. After freezing the cakes I cut and shaped the house by stacking several layers and glued them with butter cream.

Then back to the freezer to chill. Iced with butter cream icing and used Popsicle sticks for fence and a toy for the Big Red Car in front. Was a bit fiddly to make but my son was so happy with the results and so was I.

Cake by Melissa G., Sydney, Australia

Homemade Wiggles Cake

I really wanted to make a Wiggles cake for my daughter’s first birthday but I was having a hard time finding one I really liked. So I got out her Wiggles coloring book and used pictures of Dorothy Wags and Henry to give me ideas and I drew the design onto a sheet of greaseproof paper.

For the cake I made three rectangle cakes, placed two side by side for the main portion of the cake and one was to cut Henry’s arms from. I placed the cut out from the greaseproof paper on top of the cake and carefully cut around it with a knife.

Using some white icing (just icing sugar and water) I made a thick paste and used it to pipe the outlines of all the features on the characters. Then with frosting I used food coloring to get the right colors and smoothed it on. I found that for the brown for Wags it worked well to make up some chocolate frosting. A small amount of chocolate gave light brown and a big amount gave the dark brown.

To finish off the Wiggles cake I made some cupcakes and piped letters on it to spell out happy birthday. The cake was quite a hit!