Coolest Wiggles Birthday Cake

I made this Wiggles Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I did read the other submissions on this website to get ideas on how to bake this cake. My daughter absolutely loved the cake, so thank you all the mums who helped me bring a smile to Maya’s face.

I used the Wilton car cake tin to get the outline of the cake and cut the top off to get the “convertible car” effect. I then brushed it with sugar syrup all over, before rolling out the red regal icing over it. I did the definitions by rolling out tubes of the regal icing and placing it around the cake and to define the windscreen etc.

The wheels are defined using a icing sugar paste (icing sugar and water) with the appropriate yellow and black colours added to it. I piped that onto the sides on the cake to create the wheels.

Once again- Thanks everyone for helping me achieve this.

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