Coolest Wiggles Birthday Cake

This Wiggles birthday cake was made for my son’s 3rd Birthday. I made two large round cakes (golden buttercake), in two different sized tins. I halved each cake, filling them with buttercream frosting before covering each cake with ready-to-roll coloured icing. I needed two large packets to cover this cake.

I coloured the icing with liquid food colouring which was very messy and I had to use plenty of icing sugar whilst kneading to ensure it didn’t become too sticky. I covered each cake separately and then sat one on top of the other. The rolled edging was held in place with toothpicks.

The decorations were simply toy figurines and the car was a huge hit on top with the birthday boy who got to keep it afterwards! The Wiggles signs were just printer cut-outs on tooth picks.

This cake was a bit fiddly but still very easy to make, and was a big hit with all of The Wiggles fans at the party!

6 thoughts on “Coolest Wiggles Birthday Cake”

  1. Where did you find them, I cant find them any place. My grandson will be two in March and we are now planning. I am going to make him the cake but want the figurines.


  2. Hi! A few people have asked where I got the figurines from. Not sure where you are from but I got them from the ABC Shop (Australia). I have seen them online also and you can get from the Wiggles Online shop. The brand is SMITI. Hope this helps!


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