Birthday Cake Ideas for Children by Coreena G., Hinton, Alberta

I baked a white cake in a large oven proof measuring cup. After it cooled I iced it with a crumb coat layer and let it sit for a little while. I then iced it with butter cream icing. The eyes and the top of the "egg" are marshmallow fondant. I painted the pupils on with food coloring.

Chicken Birthday Cake Ideas for Children

This was a very easy cake to make and my kids thought it was a great addition to our Easter supper even though the idea I got from this site for birthday cake ideas for children.

Birthday Cake Ideas for Children by Jessica S., Hudson, NY

Chicken Birthday Cake Ideas for Children

This was a cake I made for a County fair contest though it could also be birthday cake ideas for children. The theme was "feathered farm friends". It won 1st place! Since it was not going to be eaten and was going to sit out for close to 2 weeks in uncontrolled temps. I used a shortening based buttercream icing. If this was a personal cake I’d have used butter only buttercream.

Start out with a basic round 3-layered cake with icing to hold the layers together. Also needed is a white fondant and cake dowel. Carve the cake’s top edges on an angle to look more rounded leaving about 1/4 uncarved for the tail attachment. Put a crumb-coat over all but the flat area for the tail. You can leave a spot for the head too if you want.

Refrigerate until icing has hardened a bit. While cake is in the fridge sculpt head/neck tail and eggs out of fondant. For frosting mix and set aside very small amount of yellow black and red icing, a larger amount of 2 different colors for feathers (I used reddish brown and white for this breed) and a very large amount of tan for the hay. (one could also use green for grass) Leave a bit of white icing for touch-ups.

Cut or break cake dowels to needed height to attach head and tail. With white icing frost top of cake to smooth out where the fondant and cake meet. Use a Wilton #81 tip make up bag for feathers. Put background color (white for mine) in bag pressing to one side of bag. Put in main color (reddish brown) on top. This creates a layered color effect for a realistic look of depth to the feathers.

Making feathers: Starting at the bottom with the curve of the tip, opening in a "smile" position hold the tip against the cake. Squeeze as you lift out and you move up and gradually in again (this creates 1 "feather" I made my feathers less than 1/2 inch long).

-Continue in a chain going straight up to the curved edge of cake (midway up "hen").

-Continue in this manner all around the cake until the entire bottom half is feathered.

-Feather the top half with the same technique while adjusting with contour of cake.

-Feather tail and head. Make sure to leave top of head comb and beak.

Chicken Birthday Cake Ideas for Children

Chicken Birthday Cake Ideas for Children

Chicken Birthday Cake Ideas for Children

Chicken Birthday Cake Ideas for Children

Frost head and comb with red using the #81 tip. Frost beak with yellow (whatever tip you like). Use black for eye using #3 tip. Place "eggs" as you like. (You may have to carve out a bit of the hen to "nestle" the eggs slightly under her). Using the #233 "grass" tip and the tan icing make hay all around the base of the hen and the eggs. Bitty and her eggs make good birthday cake ideas for children, not difficult to make.

Chicken Birthday Cake Ideas for Children

Birthday Cake Ideas for Children by Maria L., Somerville, MA

Chicken Birthday Cake Ideas for Children

To make this chicken cake I used a chicken molding. I used strawberry jam in between the cake so it can stick better and stand up in place. I made butter cream icing to frost and decorate the cake.

For the chicken I used tip #67 to decorate and a shell tip for the top of head. I used brown gel for the eyes.  Then I put brown shredded paper I bought at a craft store under the chicken. This is one of the cute birthday cake ideas for children I know.

Birthday Cake Ideas for Children by Colleen M., Downingtown, PA

Chicken Birthday Cake Ideas for Children

I made this cake for my nephew Ethan’s first birthday, which was Easter weekend. I used a shaped pan of a chick coming out of an egg. The petals, leaves, and birthday banner were made out of fondant that I let dry overnight.

The chick was supposed to be made with a star tip but I hated that process at the time (then I found the triple star tip which I love), so I used the one that looks like grass. It didn’t work great so I recommend the star tip. I don’t remember how I made the eyes but they didn’t turn out so great either, I’m sure that you can find a better way. My mom made the flower cookies around the edges and I used dyed coconut for "grass" (just shake coconut and food color in a plastic zip bag).

I hope these birthday cake ideas for children helped.