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Coolest Cat In The Hat Cake 10

by Danielle Byrd
(Dallas, GA, USA)

I got the idea for this Cat in the Hate cake from this website! The main difference is that I did my cake using the star tip of my decorating kit! It took about an hour and a half to do all the stars.

This cake is actually made of 6 layers instead of the 5 that are visible! I made 2 yellow,2 chocolate, and 2 strawberry (this looked very nice inside!), and alternated red and white icing inside. After I had placed the 4th cake, I put three wooden dowels inside and topped it with a round piece of cardboard to hold up the cake (I didn't want it to collapse due to all that weight!).

Before starting the stars, I did the outline of each layer and the wrinkles of the hat in black, then added the red and white stars.

For the brim, I cut a piece of cardboard that was a few inches wider than the cake, and I iced it with white icing. Underneath the brim is an even bigger piece of cardboard that I covered in wrapping paper and glued to the brim with a glue gun. I found some Dr. Seuss clip art online and printed them on cardstock and cut them out, then attached toothpicks to the back. These were placed in the cake after I delivered it!

The cake was for my niece and I had to drive two hours away to get it there, so in order to prevent the cake from toppling over on the drive, I froze it the night before. It was still frozen when they cut it but tasted great cold! It was overall a huge hit and was not difficult to make!

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What a beautiful cake
by: Sherri

My sons birthday is coming up and if you were nearby I'd pay you top $$ to make me one of these!

cat in the hat
by: Anonymous

that is one cool cat in the hat cake

Where do you live?
by: Danielle Byrd

Well where do you live??!! J/K! I mostly just do cakes for family and friends and give them as the gift!

Size of Pan
by: Faye

I am trying to make the same cake you made and I was wondering what size cake pan did you use. Was it an 8in or 10in???
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

by: Anonymous

did you use a 6" pan or 8"? also, how did you safely deliver it already assembled?

by: Arlene

Where did you get the cake top decorations for this cake?

love the cake
by: Anonymous

What size cake pans did you use, and where did you find the clip art? I've been looking and can't find those pics.


Cat in hat clipart
by: Anonymous

Just Google cat in hat clipart. It will come right up. I found the exact photos in 2 seconds.

by: Anonymous

I made this cake for my son's 4th birthday and it was a HUGE hit! Thanks for the great idea!

by: Anonymous

that cake is amazing! wow

by: Anonymous

How did you deliver it? In a box?

by: Anonymous

in a box? with some rocks? tee-hee!
no kidding, it;s awesome.

by: Anonymous

the cake looks great !!!

wow, what a cake!!
by: kim roberts

I was wondering what type of frosting that you used? All the red I've ever used taste bitter!!!

Red icing
by: Judy

Wilton's actually sells a taste-free red coloring. Used it for a lightening McQueen cake, and all you could taste was the buttercream.

Awesome Cake!!!!!
by: Cool_Cat

I have a Dr. Seuss party coming uo on March 1st and I really want to bring something in so I saw this picture and now I RELY want 2 do it:) It looks AMAZING!!!!!! And it sounds DELICIOUS!!!!!!:) Thanks 4 the great idea!!!!:)

Awesome cake
by: Palz

This is awesome cake and perfect for the party. Could you please tell me which flavor icing you used?

by: debbie

Hi Where do you actually find the characters on top of the cake? I am making a Dr Seuss cake for my 1yr old Grandson.. would love to know....

Thank you

Oh my gosh!
by: Heather

What a great cake!! Thanks for posting! My son's first birthday will be Dr. Seuss and this is just perfect!!!!

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Coolest Cat in the Hat Cake

by Andrea Nilles
(Rock Springs, WY US)

This cake was so much fun! I was inspired by one I saw online, I searched and searched for the perfect cake for my friends little girl. I found one that had the fish bowl ontop but must have been a little plain for her cause she was much less excited about the cake! So I went to search again and came across this cake. I sculpted all the items from fondant and let them dry overnight. (longer is sometimes necessary) Cat in the Hat's face was a little difficult to get right, not completely satisfied but it had to do! He is supported throughout his body with toothpicks to keep him sturdy since he stands. I used edible markers to draw the star and lines on the ball and 'painted' the red stripe with food coloring. I cut the kite from white fondant and painted it. I ran a post from top to bottom of the cake since it has the topsy turvy effect and I didn't want it going anywhere. The cakes, this is a three layer white cake dirty iced and filled with buttercream and covered in buttercream fondant. In the post I found the picture I used, she mentioned that she used red velvet and buttercream in the hat to mimic the pattern when cut! I thought that was a great idea but it was late and I had not time to run out for red velvet cake! I was very satisfied with the end result and am happy to share my version of 'The Cat in the Hat'!

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