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Coolest Abba Cake 5

by Annette
(L.A. Ca, USA)

Homemade Abba Cake

Homemade Abba Cake

My friend was turning 40 and was having an ABBA party. I searched the internet for an Abba cake and got only a couple of ideas and then basically changed a few areas to suit us. I actually bought a half sheet cake, as I didn't really want to spend the time with baking process. I told them to just do plain white icing and a scallop edging.

I then used fondant and rolled 4 heads and bodies and used toothpicks to attach them to sit them on top. The people were obviously the trickiest and I had never attempted to do them before. I then used edible silver to paint their jackets etc and I always think of Abba in turquoise and white, so that's why I chose the contrasting colour of turquoise.

I used a candy mold for the letters and just melted the already colored chocolate, to read ABBA MANIA. Then I sprinkled the whole cake with edible glitter and placed some turquoise confetti. I then finished it with a ribbon.
I also made a plaque (thats sitting at the back) from a candy mold and in the sprinkles wrote happy birthday.

It was fiddley to do the people, and I guess as you practice it will become easier but I have to say it was so much fun!

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by: Anonymous

This cake looks really nice!

by: Anonymous

wow this cake is really amazing!

amazing cake I love Abba
by: ammy

i love Abba,(Mamma Mia was great)

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Coolest Taylor Swift Birthday Cake

by Amy B.

Homemade Taylor Swift Birthday Cake

Homemade Taylor Swift Birthday Cake

This Taylor Swift Birthday Cake was my very first fondant cake. My daughter is a huge Taylor Swift fan. I just became familiar with marshmallow fondant and have been using it to decorate sugar cookies. I decided to give it a try on a cake.

I saw a pink and white "music" cake on bakery website- that's where I got this idea. It had electric guitars on it. Since Taylor plays acoustic, I made these acoustic cookies, covered them with fondant and sealed them in an air tight container. I also made the fondant flowers three days in advance and sealed them as well.

The cakes are 10,8 ad 6 inch white cakes with a buttercream crumb coat. Then I covered them with fondant and was amazed how easy it was! I added the pink stripes to the bottom, then painted the musical notes and other designs with black coloring gel and almond extract. It worked nicely. I stacked the cakes, used white butter cream and a size 12 tip to make the circle borders. Then I added the flowers and a framed picture of Taylor on top.

My daughter loved it! I feel it would work for Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers too. Just change up the colors and guitars. Maybe do stars instead of flowers, etc.

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cool cake
by: Anonymous

I love this cake, it is so cool but did you know that Taylor Swift is my sister and she "hates" pink she likes it a little bit

lovely cake
by: dolphinlove0310

It was great. I absolutely loved it. Do you think you can make me one for my birthday on March 10 ?

by: Anonymous

taylor swift rocks i am the biggest fan and so is my best friend. We know by heart all the songs .I love the cake. Again, she rocks!

Biggest fan.

cool cake
by: Anonymous

I,m Grace and I,m seven. my birthday was January 3 and my party is on the 9th.

Beautiful cake!!
by: Anonymous

Your cake looks wonderful, especially for your first one using fondant! I have not tried fondant yet but would love to, this one has given me inspiration! I was on here looking for a Jonas Brothers cake and I think it could work like you said! Great job!!

by: Elzie@300rox

Taylor Swift is awesome. I love the cake.

by: Anonymous


taylor swift birthday cake
by: trinapoo

i like Taylor swift so im gonna half to say
that cake is so awesome

by: Anonymous

That's so good. I think that could be turned into any singer. I love Taylor

taylor swift cakes
by: Anonymous

i love taylor swift so much no one understand haha ps that cake is sososos cool ha <3

by: Anonymous

Talor Swift is awsome.

Taylor Swift
by: Dilllan Dabice

I used to love Taylor Swift, but not anymore. I love R5. You guys should check them out.

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Coolest Taylor Swift 10th Birthday Cake 2

by Heidi W
(Spring Grove, MN USA)

Homemade Taylor Swift 10th Birthday Cake

Homemade Taylor Swift 10th Birthday Cake

My daughter LOVES Taylor Swift, so she wanted to have a Taylor Swift 10th Birthday Cake for her birthday.

I used the small and medium paisley shaped cake pan from Wilton for the "Tear drop" design, since 'Tear Drops on My Guitar' is her favorite song. I frosted the marble flavored cake with white and 2 shades of pink butter cream frosting (Taylor Swifts favorite color is pink).

For accents, I added butter cream roses and I made roll out sugar cookies in the shapes of dresses, guitars and musical notes. We decorated the dress cookies like my daughter's favorite Taylor Swift dresses using butter cream frosting, sprinkles and edible glitter for a "shimmer" for the cookie dresses. The musical notes in black butter cream and the guitars to match the rest of the colors in the cake.

We topped the cake off with a picture of my daughter and Taylor Swift.Even though they have never met, I was able to take a picture of Taylor who met a friend of ours and put my daughter's picture and Taylor's together to make it look like they met.

She loved the cake and she said it was the coolest birthday cake she had ever had!

Comments for Coolest Taylor Swift 10th Birthday Cake 2

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cute cake
by: rhonda

very cute cake love the color

by: Anonymous

great cake, hi Heidi!

Taylor Swift cake
by: Anonymous

Loved the colors and the original idea. It is well personalized and very appealing. Keep up the good work.

Great Theme
by: Anonymous

Great job - This cake shows the professional experience of this cake decorator. This is a winner in the cake decorating business!

Awesome cake!
by: Clint

I thought it was a well composed design that was very well executed! It scores on the birthday persons wishes, and holding true to the theme in colors, dress designs, even the song title influence.Excellent work. I'd like to see more.

Looks Great!!
by: Amy Sylling

Awesome Job!!

by: Anonymous

Very Nice!

Awesome Cake
by: Linda

This cake is to pretty to eat. You did a great job with the theme and carried it through to perfection. I especially like the added touch of putting her picture with Taylor Swift's. It was the perfect touch to complete the cake.

Great Job
by: mary

a lot of thought and talent went into this cake

cool cake
by: Carrie

Heidi, you did a great job on the cake. You always come up with great ideas, and they always turn out great. I think you should make this a business.

by: June

Looks Super Duper! Nice job.

It tasted as good at it looked!
by: Heather

It tasted as good at it looked!

by: Linda

Looks cute & yummy!

perfect for girl's birthday!
by: Cindy Roberts

Wow, this is really cool - my daughter would so love this - can I place an order with you now for one in September?

by: chris m.

what a creative cake! Dresses,,, guitar ,,,notes what a great addition to the theme of Taylor Swift,,,, i really like the addition of the picture,I'm sure your daughter absolutely loved this cake. what a great mom! this will be a memory that she will always have with her of her 10th birthday.

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