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Coolest Hen Cake 5

by Lois

Hen Cake

Hen Cake

I first found the hen cake idea on this web site. As I raise chickens, I wanted to make a hen cake to enter into the local fair. I had seen cast aluminum 3D hen molds on eBay, and finally lucked out winning one.

I used a cake recipe that I found online, which was heavy enough for the stand up cake. I'd previously practiced with store-bought pound cake mixes, but that was getting costly.

I first frosted the cake with a crumb coat. The frosting was homemade buttercream/shortening. Then I used a star tip to do the entire body. I used a combed tip to make wings. The waddle, comb, and nose were made out of colored fondant, and I put a dab of blue frosting for the eyes.

My chicks were made out of fondant, and I colored their beaks and eyes with marker. The egg shell came from one of my hens. I used shredded wheat for the nest, and used a small maple leaf cookie cutter to make leaves out of fondant.

I received a blue ribbon for this cake, and it will definitely be re-created for several family chicken farmers' birthdays!

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by: Beth

Great job, Lois! Very cute cake! :)

by: Tracy

I just love this cake. It looks delicious. I hope I get a cake this wonderful on my birthday, hint, hint. Bon voyage!

Very Cute
by: Michele

Well Done!!!

by: Katie

Your children are sure lucky to have a Mom that can bake!!!

Love it!
by: Liza

I love your cake. You are the best cake decorator ever! Can you write a how-to book? I hope your children and grandchildren inherit your cake baking and decorating skills!

Happy Hen Cake
by: Anonymous

My grandchilden keep chickens (in Brooklyn!) and my grandson wants to have a "chicken party" for his 7th birthday, and I am in charge of the cake. Thanks so much for the inspiration and the ideas!

Easter hen and chicks
by: Anonymous

Lois if you will send me your email address I will show you a picture of my hen and chicks cake that I did for Easter.

where can I get a hen mold?
by: Becky S

Dear Lois,
My daughter's birthday is August 5, and I really would like to make her a hen cake like yours. It's beautiful!
We raise chickens and she loves them.
I've searched on eBay and online but have not been able to locate a hen mold, just a duck one.

Thank you!

by: Anonymous

could you please put a link down to where you can get the chicken mold thanks

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Coolest Rooster Birthday Cake 7

by Stephanie
(Valley Springs, CA USA)

Homemade Rooster Birthday Cake

Homemade Rooster Birthday Cake

This Rooster Birthday Cake was pretty simple. I made an 18X22 butter cake. I frosted it entirely with faux fondant using an icing tip, then let it crust. I then used a fondant smoother very gently to smooth it out and pressed it with a non-patterned paper towel to give a matt look.

I then free handed the tinted and thinned icing into the rooster. I used mostly leaf tips and basket weave tips along with regular parchment paper with a tip cut out for free flowing icing. The icing is flavored with both butter flavoring and almond flavoring. I used box mixes but enhanced them by using milk instead of water and a tablespoon of all whites and a box of vanilla instant pudding.

Comments for Coolest Rooster Birthday Cake 7

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All the chickens(hens) will love this guy!
by: Margaret

Again another work of art done by Stephanie. She really has an act for creating these beautiful cakes. The details she uses are wonderful. Keep up the good work.

by: Jean

Ok Steph, you have done it again! Girl, the talent in your hands is awesome! By the way, I have a birthday coming end of Sept., what are you gonna put on my cake? ha-ha!

Coolest Birthday Cake7
by: Clara

These cakes you have been making sound like they taste great and they sure look great. When are you going to open up a cake shop? Maybe you better open a bakery bet your pies are really good too.

by: Delia

Stephanie! This is amazing! You are pretty AND talented!

the best i have seen
by: Anonymous

i am a de hard chicken lover that cake is beautiful is it ok if i make it my self?

by: bugsbunny

you have artistic talent !!!!!!!!
can you make mine just leave a lot of room for the candles my son had to get me 4 boxes of candles eeeeeeeek!

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Coolest Rooster Birthday Cake Idea 8

by Anna
(New Zealand)

Homemade Rooster Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Rooster Birthday Cake Idea

I got the Rooster Birthday Cake Idea from your website for the chicken cake but my mother has a favourite rooster so I took lots of photos of him and came up with this. I used fondant to mould the head, tail, comb and gobbles but painted the later 2 red. To get some of the feathers to have a 2 colour edge I put 1 colour on each side of the icing bag so when it was squeezed out you got the lovely trim colour.

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