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Coolest Cookie Monster Cake 37

by Patricia W.
(Norfolk, VA)

Homemade Cookie Monster Cake

Homemade Cookie Monster Cake

This Cookie Monster Cake was for my son's first birthday. He couldn't really appreciate it, but everyone at the party did. I was inspired by a friend's Cookie Monster cake and some of the cakes from this site.

I used a 12 inch round pan for the two layers. It served about 40 people! The cake was a lemon yellow cake and oh so delicious. I got the recipe from Barefoot Contessa on I kept the cakes cool so they would be easier to frost. The frosting was cream cheese and I got that recipe straight from my cookobook. Be sure to let the frosting come to room temperature before attempting to frost.

The mouth and eyes were made of marshmallow fondant, which I also got from an online recipe. The mouth I free-handed and the eyes I used a biscuit cutter. I used black dye for the mouth and pupils (wear gloves if you don't want to dye your hands). I used blue dye for Cookie's "skin." Last, I placed Famous Amos cookies around the cake. At first they weren't sticking because the frosting had hardened in the fridge so I used some leftover frosting to glue them on.

Overall this cake was extremely simple to bake and make. I look forward to making my husband's birthday cake!

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Coolest Cookie Monster Cake 21

by Danielle D.
(Long Island, NY)

Homemade Cookie Monster Cake

Homemade Cookie Monster Cake

We wanted a 3-D Cookie Monster cake for our son's first birthday. Local bakeries were unable to make a 3-D one so we used the Wilton 3-D cake pan to make this cake. I baked it according to the directions in the booklet.

I used one box of pound cake mix and one box of 2-layer cake mix. After cooling for an entire day, my husband iced the cake. Before icing, my husband cut out a mouth and removed the bears ears sliding them closer together to form the cookie monsters eyes. We attached the eyes into the cake using toothpicks. Using Wilton royal blue icing mixed into regular vanilla frosting it took about a half hour to ice the entire cake. We used the Wilton decorating gun with the smaller flower tip.

I then baked a large chocolate chip cookie using a round cake pan to serve as the base of the cake. I didn't have any cookies in the house so we used a 100 calorie chocolate chip cookie for Cookie Monster to hold and the size worked out perfectly.

This cake was not difficult to make and turned out perfectly for our son's first birthday. We got great pictures of him smashing it, priceless!

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by: cookie

LOL great cake I want it for my 15th birthday

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Coolest Cookie Monster Cake 18

by Wendy
(St. Louis, MO)

Cookie Monster Cake

Cookie Monster Cake

I first made this Cookie Monster cake for my son's 2nd Birthday.

I baked a round 10 inch cake and 2 cupcake size little cakes in small Pyrex glass bowls. You could use a cupcake pan, too. ( I used 2 cake mixes and had some leftover to make a personal smash cake for the birthday boy).

Once the cake was cooled I trimmed two moon shaped slivers off the top and used them on the sides (toward the bottom) to create Cookie's jowles. (I just used frosting to keep it in place. Then I placed the 2 small round cakes at the top for eyes.

I frosted the eyes smooth with white icing and piped black google eyes with Wilton ready made color icing in a tube. I used the black icing to pipe the outline of the mouth and then a star tip to fill in.

I died the fur icing with Royal Blue Wilton paste (you need quite a bit) and used the Wilton tip #233 muli-hole to make the fur. You have to go quickly and change your icing frequently to keep the right consistency for the fur texture. But once it's done he's so adorable!

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Trying this for my sons Birthday!
by: Anonymous

Hello! I'm making this cake for my son's birthday. The icing looks like the PERFECT consistency for making the fur. Thanks for the technique! Can you post the icing recipe as well?


Shaped Cake Pan
by: Anonymous

Wilton makes an Elmo character pan that could be decorated as Cookie Monster.

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