My granddaughter, Ellie loved the movie Tangled. So she wanted a Tangled cake. I have made all my grand children’s birthday cakes but I have never made a castle cake.

I baked and decorated this cake in 6 hours, however, I have been decorating cakes for 42 years so if you are a beginner I would suggest you bake your cakes the day before. Spray paint all your decorations before you begin. First I baked a 12 x 12 in square cake to use for the bottom. I baked a 6 inch round cake for the top cake. I iced the bottom cake completely in pink. I then added the round cake on top and iced that.

I then added the mini marshmallows that I had spray painted (with the edible stuff) pink. Then I sprayed the cones pink. Next,I placed the marshmallows around the bottom of the square cake and around the round cake, leave room for the cones on the corners. I then spray painted some snow ball cakes pink (you can find the pink ones but I didn’t take time to do that, the spray paint is wonderful (Wilton makes it and you can get it in Walmart). I then put some icing on the bottom of the snowballs and attached them to the corners of the cake.

I used mini shredded wheat cereal for the castle door and the windows. I think graham crackers would work better but I didn’t have any. I outlined the windows in purple icing (I just tinted the rest of my pink icing purple). I attached the cones to the top of the snowballs with icing and then piped stars all around the bottom of the cone and the snowball to add more frills. I attached pink and red candy hearts to the cones and put a purple star “flag” on the top of each cone. I used 8 cones, it didn’t look castley enough with only 4 on each corner. I placed several red hearts in the purple borders just because kids love that hard candy.

I added Ellie’s name in cut out paper letters and added a cut out paper number 8 also. I put a border around the top cake and then put candied sprinkles on the top. I bought the Tangled doll and placed her in the middle of the cake top.

When I brought the cake into the restaurant I thought that little girl would faint! She was one happy little girl! I researched this site to get ideas and thought after I was finished I would share my cake with you all too. I hope you enjoy making and decorating cakes as much as I do.