My daughter wanted to have a Cinderella party so I volunteered to make a castle cake. After the initial laughter wore off from my wife, mother and in-laws, I took the challenge. My mother was not sure that I could do it so planned to make a back-up cake which I took as an insult and demanded that she arrive to the party with no baked goods.

I began the cake on Thursday evening for a Saturday party. I began with a 13″ x 9″ x 2″ Glass Pyrex pan and filled with Pink Cake (strawberry shortcake) and made a sheet. I oiled and floured the bottom and sides and it fell out nicely once cooled.

I then took a Funfetti cake mix and made 9 mini loafs and 12 cupcakes which I would use for the various other areas of the cakes.

I painted the sugar and cake cones with frosting using a BBQ basting brush. This was easier than a spatula. I “glued the together with more frosting. I then took 4 cupcake tops and cut holes in them with an apple corer and set each cake cone in the hole to use the cupcakes as a stable stand.

Using the loafs I made the edges of the castle, the drawbridge over the moat, an island for Arielle and her Swedish fish, a carriage with pretzel axles, marshmallow wheels and gummy bear horses. I used the extra cupcakes for dancing fish and put a fish in each one.

I adorned the cake with gumdrops and smarties and used white frosting for edging. I even painted the moat with blue frosting and added gummy alligators for effect.

All in all I was pretty pleased. I would have done a few different things but in the end, my daughter loved it and so did all her friends. Plus, I was told that the cake was yummy good. How could it not be with cake, frosting and candy all in one.