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Coolest Dartboard Cake 2

by Rina

Dartboard Cake

Dartboard Cake

Well, thought this dartboard cake would be an easy one and how wrong I was! Made the cake which is chocolate layered into 3 with chocolate ganashe filling. Then I covered it with fondant icing.

I then started to think about putting the dartboard on it. I eventually copied a picture of a dartboard from the internet. No need to print, just put a piece of thin paper over your screen and trace it. I then used the pin pricks and cocoa tip to get the outline. I pinpricked the design and then sprinkled it with cocoa, just a little. This gave me the rough outline of the dartboard.

I painted each segment in the appropriate colour and then piped the 'wires' and the numbers. After they were dry I painted them with silver edible paint. I made the dart of out fondant strengthened with gum tragacanth and made the 'flight' out of rice paper coloured with edible pens.

I then made a 'note' out of fondant to look like a folded napkin and attached that to the board with the dart, which had a piece of spaghetti in the end to strengthen it and also to be able to pierce through the note. I wrote the greeting on the note with edible pen. The reason I say it was not easy is because of the way the segments are arranged you cannot just draw lines across your cake to make them as I at first thought I could do.

Believe me it is not an easy cake to do. But, I was pleased with the results and so were the recipients!

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by: Crista C

Oh my...that is a lot of detail work...fantastic job.

coloring in dartboard
by: Anonymous

how did you color in the segments - just food coloring w/paintbrush?

by: Victoria

Think it's fab...I've just had my own nightmare dartboard cake...did it as a run out in the end...looked a bit rubbish though!

oh man
by: Anonymous

I just love your cake and know that was a lot of work but I used colored sugar for my shaded areas a little easier I thought. I had trouble with the dart but the person it was for loved it anyways.

cake pan
by: Barbie

What size cake pan and was it 3 layer or just cut in to 3 sections

Wow I love It !
by: Anonymous

What a fantastic job. Although I have to say on reading everything you had to do in order to achieve the end result I have been put off trying this one as I am limited for time but at least I am glad I didn't start it. Well done it looks fab!

by: Anonymous

LOVE IT!!!My husband and I play darts every Friday night with fam and friends and I'm hooked..This is sooo AWESOME..great job

by: Anonymous

How did u do the black bit of the dart board is that fondant an the rest paint thanks

Dart Board
by: Amy

What size cake tin did you use? I've got to make 1 and I'm unsure of what size to use so the segments look ok? Your cake looks amazing!

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