I used the Wilton pan to bake the Dora The Explorer Cake and decorated with butter cream icing along with the star tip. The peach coloring for the skin tone was very tricky just remember that the icing gets darker as it dries out.

Outline first, then star in the icing, then go back and outline everything again. Look at the lines in small sections instead of trying to draw the whole thing just draw out small section Sorta like connecting the dots.

This cake only took 2 batches of icing but it was divided into different colors. Icing coloring is a must. I used small piece of fondant for the eyes and mouth I just colored it with the same icing coloring then took a small cookie cutter and cut perfectly round eyes and cut out the mouth shape free hand. The feet were difficult because they are turned inward, patience is a must.

Although I felt this cake was easy and fun to make, the school cake walk enjoy all the benefits from the money it brought in.