Well I really wanted an excuse to get the gals together for lunch so they were invited over to celebrate my sweet babies VJ and Tigger’s 1st birthday August of 2010…yes, my adopted baby boys are furry. I am an artist as profession, but baking is still an art I am currently trying to master. I had an idea to do a First Cat Birthday Cake for our dessert, and all the gals love chocolate, but I also wanted it to reflect the boys.

So I baked a devils food cake in a 10 x 12 pan my Dad loaned me, and brushed on cake release so it wouldn’t stick (fabulous product by Wilton). I created a silhouette of the back of a cat. Printed out the line art and taped it together. I cut the shape out so it would fit the back of the pan dimensions perfectly. I prepared the buttercream icing and got a bag of flaked coconut(for the fur) and food coloring. VJ is a white tabby with his gray areas mostly on back and tail. Tigger is an orange tabby all over.

I placed the sheet cake in the freezer so it would be firm, and removed it to carve the shape without the cake falling apart. I used straight pins to hold down the paper template against the cake, and used a thin knife to trace cut the shape out of the cake. Once carved I applied the buttercream icing and in separate cups, I tinted some coconut gray and another orange. I carefully placed the coconut to match the boys so that one half was VJ’s markings and the other was Tigger. All the excess cake was used for a trifle, I waste nothing.

If anyone would like to do this I can send them the template as a jpeg. The cake was a hit!