Since this birthday cake was being presented in a picnic setting I decided it would be much easier to transport via aluminum lasagna pan. My friend’s daughter LOVES frogs so I decided that I could come up with an interesting design for a Frog Birthday Cake.

I purchased the lasagna pan at my local Dollar store, along with the resin frog. I also purchased 2 round cake pans to be used for the lily pads. I used 3 cake mixes (2 yellow and 1 chocolate) and 1 box of brownie mix (for the lily pads). I mixed the store bought cakes as directed (but I always use a little more oil to ensure a very moist cake).

I marbleized the 3 cake mixes in the lasagna pan (making sure to spray and flour for easy removal of cake pieces). For the lily pads I oiled and floured the pans and put in different amounts into each pan (I had done this to see which thickness would work best).

After I let the cake and brownie cool completely I started letting them ‘talk’ to me. I first used blue cookie frosting (because of it’s ability to dry fast and ease of use) to make the pond. From there I could see where the bank needed to be and the lily pad. I used green cookie frosting for the lily pads and chocolate frosting for the ‘bank’. As this pond started to come together I realized I needed some cattails and grass.

I used pretzel sticks with tootsie rolls to make the cattails and angel hair pasta drenched in green decorating gel to make the grass effect. I also added some chopped walnuts and chocolate covered peanuts for ‘rocks’. For the glassy water effect I used blue sparkle gel over the ‘water’.

I do have to say this was probably the easiest cakes I have made. Needless to say the cake was a great hit! Remember to always look outside of the box and don’t be afraid to use what you have on hand!

Happy baking!!