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Coolest Giant Cupcake First Birthday Cake Idea 15

by Natalie

Homemade Giant Cupcake First Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Giant Cupcake First Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Giant Cupcake First Birthday Cake Idea
Homemade Giant Cupcake First Birthday Cake Idea

First, I browsed through the pictures on this site for ideas. I combined my favorite features from the photographs and came up with this Giant Cupcake First Birthday Cake Idea.

For the bottom layer, I baked a chocolate cake in two Wilton 8 in. x 2 in. pans. I cooled them, covered one layer with buttercream and placed the other layer on top. Then I covered it all with white buttercream icing. I made the marshmallow fondant from scratch, and tinted about two-thirds of the batch of fondant with Wilton's "Rose Petal" coloring gel. I tinted a 1/4 cup of the fondant with Wilton's "Lemon Yellow," and then the remaining fondant with Wilton's "Violet" gel. I rolled out the purple fondant and cut out the letters to spell "Our Little Cupcake is One!" with a set of Fox Run's mini alphabet cutters. I attached them to the cake by brushing them with clear vanilla, and by gently pressing on them. I inserted three supports in the center of the cake to prepare for the giant cupcake.

For the giant cupcake, I baked a yellow cake in Wilton's "Giant Cupcake" pan. I cooled the cake and then fipped the bottom layer over so the base was facing up. I covered the bottom layer of the cupcake with buttercream and then with the rolled-out purple fondant. I flipped the base of the cupcake over and tucked the fondant in. I covered the top of the base with buttercream and then added the top of the giant cupcake. I iced the top with big rosettes/swirls made with Wilton's 2D tip and "Rose Petal" tinted buttercream. Then, I carefully placed the giant cupcake onto the 8 in. cake. Next time I would ice the top of the cupcake AFTER placing the cupcake on the 8 in. cake since I smashed some of the icing while steadying it.

Lastly, I cut out some polka dots/sprinkles using both ends of Wilton's #12 tip. I attached them with vanilla on the 8 in. cake, and then sprinkled/placed them over the giant cupcake to make sprinkles.

I used a big "1" birthday candle for the topper. I simply wrapped purple fondant around the candle. I will not be using that candle to light and sing, since my daughter has her own cupcake. This is just for decoration!

This was a fun cake to make!

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