My step daughter is really into Hannah Montana this year so we decided to do her birthday in it. I originally went to local Bakery and was not impressed. So I decided to get on this website and see if I could come up with anything better for a guitar cake since I have already had two other cake ideas that I have made from this website.

So I started out by looking for the perfect design and I seen a guitar that I liked and so I sketched it out on two sheets of paper and then I decided I would use two regular 9×13 cake pans. I just cut out my drawing and laid it on top of the cooled cake after I flipped it out on my board. And I traced it with a knife and pealed away the unwanted cake.

Then I just started to frost it with Lavender icing I made and outlined with darker purple frosting. I used chocolate chips as the tuners and the volume. I used marshmallows out of cereal for at the ends of the string.

For the string I just used a small round tip for the icing and for the Hannah Montana Logo a friend of mine had bought her daughter some cup cakes the week before for her birthday and they was in each cup cake so I took them from that party because they was going to throw them away. I then took the rest of the little Hannah Montana Logo Stars and put them in some cup cakes that I made and frosted with hot pink icing.

My step daughter was so satisfied and excited with this cake. She had to show it off to everybody as soon as they got to her party. She turned 5 and had the best Birthday!