This pink and brown Homemade Giftbox Birthday Cake was made for a good friend’s birthday. It was actually my first try at using fondant and gum paste. It was a lot of fun.

Daisy Surprise was made from a 12×12 square, 2-layer yellow cake and decorated with pale pink butter cream frosting, light brown 3-D layered flowers, a 3-D bright pink bow and white border frosting. One of the layers was tinted pink and when cut actually looked like Neapolitan ice cream with the ganache in the middle.

The frosting was flavored with raspberry extract and tasted fantastic! I used a raspberry chocolate ganache for the filling by using Ghiradelli semi-sweet chips and raspberry seedless jam (melted), and heavy cream. It turned out great.

The flowers and bow pieces had to be made the night before I decorated the cake to allow time for drying. I also used vodka and luster dust on the bow for extra bling and plain vodka on the flowers for a nice sheen. While the cake was baking the next day, I layered the flowers and constructed the bow and put them in the fridge to chill.

NOTE #1: When constructing the bow, color the “glue” (chocolate, royal icing, etc.) the same color as the bow b/c it is going to show no matter what you do. Same goes with the flowers.

NOTE #2: put the border frosting on BEFORE you lay down the ribbon tails. It looks better is the tails lay over the border.

I used a Diva paper towel and a plastic scraper to smooth out the butter cream frosting to look like fondant before decorating the rest of the cake. Once I got the actual cake made and base frosting on, I was able to put it all together very quickly.

The flower centers were pink icing and silver balls. The silver balls really gave a nice finishing touch and “wow” factor. The dark brown squiggles on the cake top were drawn on with some of the leftover ganache.

This Homemade Giftbox Birthday Cake was really larger than life. I was very proud of it, especially since I have only been doing cakes since May.