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Coolest Jacob Black from New Moon Cake 23

by Merri P.
(South Charleston, West Virginia)

My daughter was turning three and all she talked about was Jacob. She had to have a Jacob Black from New Moon Cake and party. I had already made an Edward cake but my heart wasn't into Jacob so I think it isn't as good, but she knew who it was!

This is an 11 x 15 three layer cake. I baked my cake. Then I crumb coated the cake in white buttercream. Black and red icing are so gross using the Wilton Black icing gel. I prefer to use the liquid black and liquid red for those colors. They do not taste bitter but do thin the icing so add a little more powder sugar to it. I then iced the cake in black on the side and made it sort of blend in with the white so it had a distressed look. I drew out Jacob on Parchment paper and cut it out. I colored some ready to use fondant to make his basic skin tone using copper gel icing with a little brown. Rolled it out using Pam spray instead of rolling it out on power sugar. (makes it less dry) I put the cut out drawing of his face on the fondant and cut the shape out using a fondant cutter. I think a butter knife would have been easier.

Then I marked his facial features using a black food marker and yellow food marker. So I know which was lighter color and dark color. I put it on the cake and used black icing gel (corn syrup and power sugar) to make the very black and shiny hair. I star tipped white and black so there was a difference between his black hair and the black background. I used different shades of skin tones to try and make the shading but I was running out of time for her party, so the shades weren't perfect. They worked out ok.

I wrote happy birthday in red at an angle on both sides at the top and my daughter's name on the side of the front. I used a tip 16 star to make the shell border in blue. My daughter likes blue. Over all it took about 2 hours to decorate.

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