This laptop cake was made for a 30th birthday party. The birthday boy worked with computers. I started with a 12 x 15 sheet cake, frosted in white buttercream, then added a 9 x 13 sheet cake on top of that. This was covered in black fondant. (which can be special ordered).

I made the keys two days in advance and I just used the smallest square on the fondant cut out set. I piped on the letters and numbers, make sure you write small. The screen is made of foam board, I had an edible image made (most stores with a bakery will do this for you). I attached the edible image to wafer paper that I had and sealed the sides with black fondant and attached it to the laptop base.

I ended up putting support behind the screen, so it would stand up more. The cake was a huge hit! It even fooled the birthday boy!