My daughter was turning 3 and I wanted to make a Minnie Cake for her birthday. I “googled” Minnie Mouse to get a picture that I could use to draw her face and found this site with some of the cutest cakes that gave me great ideas for my Minnie Without The Bow Cake. I used a 12” round pan to make the head (vanilla) and two 8” round pans to make the ears (one chocolate & one red velvet and made cup cakes with the leftover batter).

After the cakes cooled I used the 12” pan to make an imprint on the 8” cakes so that I could cut the ears to fit nicely against the 12” cake. I then cut the hump out of the 8” layers so that the ears would be level with the head, put the ears in place and put a crumb coat of white cream cheese icing (Wilton Recipe) on all three of the layers. I gave my husband the picture of Minnie and he drew the face in the icing with a tooth pick. I added black food color (which worked perfectly) to a small bowl of my icing to get the ear color but the hardest color was the face. I did not have a flesh color or peach for her face so I mixed a little yellow and pink which gave me an orange color that I toned down with a little more white icing and a touch of brown.

Once my icing was done I use a # 18 star tip to fill in the face and a #16 star tip to make the lines of the eyes, lashed and mouth. Once done I colored a little more icing with pink and used a # 48 tip to basket weave around the sides of all three layers. Instead of adding a border I just went back over the edges and filled in the gaps with the star tip and the appropriate color. I intended to make a bow for Minnie out of fondant but by this time it was 4 a.m. and I had run out of steam.

My guest could still tell that it was Minnie because of the lashes and the pink edge and thought that it was great even without the bow; it was a hit and everyone loved it. They all said that it looked as good as it taste and wanted to know if I was accepting birthday cake orders.

I’ve been baking for many years but only started decorating cakes for my daughters 1st birthday after taking a cake decorating class at Leisure Learning and it’s getting more and more fun every year; I’m already thinking of ideas for next years cake. The comments and suggestion on this site were a tremendous help and I want to thank you all for sharing your ideas.