Before my son was born I decided that I would maintain a nautical theme baby shower, RED and BLUE (primary), room, propeller fan, light house pictures, Red furniture, blue suede wall below chair rail, you get the idea. Well, after he was born, he was ALL boy, all 11 lbs of him (1 week early), and had (has) NO FEAR!! So, staying with the nautical theme, and keeping his fearless personality in mind, I chose a Pirate theme for Birthday #1. I have been baking cakes since I was 4 and have been doing wedding cakes, birthday cakes and party cakes for people outside my family for the past 20 years, on the side, no advertising, word of mouth only, yet I kept busy. So, I had to have my son’s cake be one of the best I’ve created, of course. I decided that I would do a Most Creative Pirate Chest Birthday Cake.

My husband and I had been to Louisiana the prior year and had plenty of beads to use. Along with gold and silver coins, I felt we were set! I then planned the construction. My cakes are dense and moist and heavy. Not something easy to support as an open lid. So, I decided to make a sheet of Rice Crispy Treats. It would be moldable and easy to support. It also allowed the frosting a great surface to bind to. I used a non-dairy whipped frosting because of California’s weather in August, butter cream would never last.

I chose gold laminated ribbon for the straps and handles and covered the cake board with gold foil wrap. My only regret was that the lid wasn’t bigger. My suggestion: Make a BIG chunk, no matter what you are designing. You can always trim it, but it’s much more difficult to make it larger, especially once you attach it.