I made this Princess Castle Cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday “princess” party. The cake is a chocolate cake recipe x 2 and baked in a rectangular pan (8×13″), and two round pans – 7” and a little pork pie pan which is only about 5”diameter for the top layer.

The frosting is standard butter cream (homemade). I made 3 batches (3lb icing sugar) which was actually a bit too much. I frosted the roofs first with a spatula for a smooth-ish finish. The sides of the cake are entirely frosted with a star (#16?) piping attachment – way easier than you would think for a great finish. The constellation is mini marshmallows and the windows and drawbridge chains are strawberry twist candy snipped up with scissors. The drawbridge is graham crackers.

The turrets where mainly inspired by other cakes on this site. I cut the corners of the cake out using a narrow glass to get the circle shape, so that the turrets would site neatly into the cake. The turrets are two flat bottomed wafer cones with a sugar cone on top. I “glued” the colored sugar on using a thin icing wash made of icing sugar with a little egg white. I painted that on the cones then sprinkled with colored sugar. I used the same icing glue to stick the cones to one another, with a thin dowel rod through the middle as well for extra stability and let it all dry overnight. The top turret is the same, but with the wafer cone bottom part chopped off.

The cones were the most in-demand part of the cake – by the kids – so I never got to taste how they turned out! My little princess was thrilled with the result and all the guests couldn’t believe I made it all myself.

I am a Brit now living in the US hence the mixed up spellings and the Union Jack flags!