This really fun homemade Spiderman on a wall birthday cake was for my son’s 4th birthday earlier this year. I knew I would use the Wilton cake mold, but I wanted to add a little something extra which is how I came up with the idea of having Spiderman on a wall.

The base of the cake is a 12 inch square yellow cake which I crumb-coated with buttercream icing. Next I prepared the stone-look fondant by rolling white fondant mixed with black icing color until I got a marbled effect, careful not to over-roll it. I wish I’d had the mat with the brick imprint but instead I had to improvise with a ruler and pizza cutter, carefully rolling it so as not to cut through the fondant all the way. I placed the fondant over the cake and cake board (a little short at the corners.)

Next, I prepared and iced the Spiderman cake according to the directions supplied. I did use my own cake recipe for a chocolate mayonnaise cake (yum!) I used tips #2 and #13, if memory serves. Those black lines were cumbersome and, by the time I was finished, my hand was cramped.

Finally, I was ready to place Spidey on the wall.

However, I hit a wall of my own when the homemade Spiderman on a wall birthday cake did not sit flatly upon the square cake. This required some improvisation. I had placed cut straws through the bottom layer to lend support to the top cake, which was on its own cake board. I filled the gaps between the two cakes with more buttercream icing around which I then wrapped a strip of the marbled fondant. I liked the end effect.

To finish things off I used the Wilton decorator’s icing in yellow to write “happy birthday”. The top cake was demolished at the party but we had plenty of leftovers!