When starting this Homemade Toy Story Birthday Cake Design, almost a week ahead of time, I made my fondant in every different color I thought I might use. I really had no idea what exactly I would do in the beginning but after seeing each movie 30 times I knew that the characters would be the most fun to try and tackle. My son’s Toy Story chair was a perfect color chart. Then one by one I started on each character that I wanted to use. Starting with Mr. Potato Head. I obviously should have started with Woody or Buzz, but I was a little nervous.

After completing each character I stored them in an empty contained until they were ready for use and so my son wouldn’t eat them. Which did happen to one alien head. In the end I had a time crunch so as a tip start with the hardest thing first. I made Ham the pig next which was super easy and then Woody.

Each character was completely made from home made marshmallow fondant and I just sculpted them from hand while staring at the toys that we had here. With Woody’s shirt I made it first then took a little bit of vanilla and red food coloring and painted the stripes which took a long time dry. His hands were by far the hardest in the end I took a small lump of fondant and just made four slits but you should try to make the arms and hands all at once so they will dry together.

Then, I made the slinky dog, alien, and finally Buzz Light-year and surprisingly Buzz’s body was so easy but I should have spent more time on the face but I tried to complete him the night before the party and I was feeling rushed other wiser I would have liked to re-do his face.

Finally, I simply baked my cakes, frosted them covered them in fondant and let my characters do all the decorating. Normally I over do it any why so the time constricted probably helped save this cake from me going overboard with the extra decorating. The hardest part of all may have been cutting out all the tiny letters but I really enjoyed this challenge and I loved being able to give my son and nephew an edible version of their favorite characters for this birthday party.