Well, let me begin by saying that planning this specific party for my daughter was one of the most fun party themes I’ve done. My daughter is crazy about WWE and she loves John Cena. When she said that she wanted a special cake I told her I would try my best. I’ve always made her cakes each year but this was going to have to be the best one yet. I looked around online to see logos and get a basic idea on how it should look. I am a food network fanatic especially for the cake shows. So after shopping at several party stores for premade rolled fondant and all the other ingredients to make this masterpiece I was ready.

I was just having two of my daughter’s friends over for a day at the movie theater for a movie and then back at home for BBQ, cake and ice cream. But I have always done the most creative things and put those small touches to make it memorable.

So I baked my square cakes and then let them cool. After they were ready I used a little of butter cream frosting to set the first layer on the cake board. Then after carving the edges to be a uniform square I crumb coated the cake twice in butter cream (you’ll be surprised how much terminology of cake decoration you can find on YouTube). I refrigerated the cake for a half hour while I prepared the fondant. I used Wilton’s Pure White Rolled Fondant. I have learned that the thinner the fondant the better the taste. Always use powdered sugar while rolling out your fondant. I then gently covered the cake and smoothing as I went. Voila, you have your base for your wrestling ring. Then I took black gel food coloring, which you can buy at any party store in the cake section. I painting 4 black dowels that would become the post for the turn buckles.

Before I pushed in the dowels into the cake corners, first was painting on the logos. I was worried it wouldn’t come out as perfect as I wanted it but I knew if I even got it have way close to resembling it then my daughter would go nuts. I took gel food coloring and a little vodka with my paint brush (it makes work great and it dries to a nice sheen) and painted the WWE logo and the Raw on the side of the ring. I used black gel food coloring and dyed some fondant for the turnbuckles and used red yarn for the ropes. Then to top off the cake I used WWE little Rumblers John Cena and Hornswoggle.

I set up the cake with her wrestling rings and actions figures and used the primary colors Red, White & Blue streamers and balloons. I love to sew so I sewed four gift bags with fabric that matched each child’s personality. All I can say is that the party was a hit. Simple, but memorable. Let me just say that my daughter said it was the best party and cake she’s had…. Next I have a Littlest Pet Shop cake to make for my other daughter’s birthday coming this October and I will be sure to post on the website. I hope I have inspired you to make your own cakes because your child will see the time and love you’ve put into it. Have fun with it. Thanks.