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Coolest Dora Cake 69

by Simone Aitken
(Ballarat, Australia)

Dora Cake

Dora Cake

My daughter Paige is totally in love with Dora so when it came to choosing a theme for her 2nd birthday, Dora was definetly the go. When I have a party I like the whole lot to be in one theme so I went Dora mad.

First we had the Dora cake which I made entirely myself..(no special Dora shaped cake tins were used ). I just jumped on the net and printed out the picture that I wanted to use then blew it up to the size that I needed and used it as a template to cut the cake into shape and I just love how it turned out. Paige absolutely loved it.

Secondly I hand made little Back Pack party bags out of cardboard for all the kids to take home and lastly we had her dad get dressed up as Dora for the day. I made him a paper mache head and brought some very special orange hot pants for him to wear. He definetly looked the part. I must admit he got a few laughs but he looked great.

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by: Anonymous

Thanks so much im making a birthday cake for my little sister she'll love it

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Coolest Dora Cake 66

by Teresa
(Perth, Western Australia)

Dora Cake

Dora Cake

I made this head of Dora cake for my daughter's third birthday. This cake was fairly easy to make.

I made a butter cake in a rectangle baking tin. I made the actual cake two days before and iced it the night before the party.

I cut out the shape of the head from a template I drew freehand. I made a Vienna cream and coloured separate batches with coloured icing paste. The black icing looked okay on the cake but I should have used chocolate as the icing tended to stain some of the children’s hands when they were eating their cake. I used toothpicks to apply the eyes and a knife dipped in hot water to apply the face and large areas.

The Vienna icing does need to be refrigerated but the cake needed to be removed from the fridge an hour or so before the party so it was at room temperature for serving.

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Coolest Dora Cake 73

by Sharon M.
(Marietta, GA)

Homemade Dora Cake

Homemade Dora Cake

I used my daughter's Dora place mat to trace Dora's face onto wax paper with a marker. It was a little bigger than I had intended for the Dora cake but I just ended up using the whole cake surface.

Then I flipped over the wax paper and followed the outline of the marker with chocolate frosting using a bag and piping tip. I then turned the wax paper over onto the white frosted cake, pressing the chocolate Dora outline onto the surface. From there, I just used a star tip to fill in the various colored areas. I also used some game pieces from Dora's Candyland Adventure to add Boots and Backpack on top.

Overall, I would say the project was quite easy!

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by: Anna

I love your technique for the outline and I think using the place mat was such an original idea. Your cake came out AWESOME!

How long did it take?
by: Sandy

This is AMAZING. Great job!

Dora cake
by: Aruni

Your Dora is lovely. you inspired me to try one like that, how you have done, has been explained quite precisely, the exact way how to copy a pic to a cake. I will try to do it.
good luck.

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Coolest Dora And Deigo Scene Cake 6

by Dina

Homemade Dora And Deigo Scene Cake

Homemade Dora And Deigo Scene Cake

This Dora And Diego Scene Cake was my first ever proper cake! I made it for my son's 4th birthday party who is a huge Dora and Diego fan. Cake was adored by kids and parents alike. And it tasted good.

Trees, Bridge and cars were shop bought toppers.
Vanilla sponge cake made with three layers of sheet cake. Covered in green buttercream (party green - color paste). Royal icing dark green foliage and flowers using supercook designer icing. Waterfall made using blue color paste mixed with icing sugar and some water. Added shimmer lines using shop bought glitter icing writing tubes.

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Dora and Diego Cake
by: Cheryl Ronaldson

Hi wondering if you can help. I have my two sons birthdays in feb 8th and 11th and they both like dora and diego. My eldest son who is going to be 4 keeps asking for a diego cake but i think this would be perfect!!
How much do u charge and do you know how many this cake would cater for? Thanks.

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Coolest Dora Cake 63

by Caroline Considine
(Dumont, NJ)

Dora Cake

Dora Cake

For my daughter's birthday I made this Dora cake. I used a mold from a Barbie cake but used a Dora doll instead. I used frosting and added red food coloring until I got the pink I wanted.

I frosted over the bodice using a piping bag. For her skirt I spread the frosting very thick and then just spiked the frosting to give a nice effect.

For the edge on the dress I bought sprinkled covered chocolate circles and for the waist I just halved them.

My daughter was very excited and loved her Dora Cake.

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Thanks for the idea!
by: Anonymous

This is a great twist on the barbie cake. I love the idea of using a doll/character that does not promote poor body image. This was a really fun way to do Dora! Love it!

Great idea!
by: Kelly

Very creative! Bravo!

Question on Dora Doll
by: Anonymous

where did you buy the Dora doll? My little daughter loves Dora and I'm looking for a doll like the one you have on the cake.

i like
by: NaJoya

My baby loves this cake so i`m going to do this cake for her bday.

Very Gorgeous
by: Ce-Ce

This Is very nice I want something like this for my daughter 2nd bday...

by: Arely Yerena

Kids just really love this cakes the are well decorated and every detail of it!

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