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Homemade Dr. Seuss Cake

by Amy Hussey
(Tenino, WA, USA)

This was a "smash cake" for a one year old's first birthday party with a Dr. Seuss theme. The cake is made up of 3 layers, using my 6 inch round pan. I always just use Betty Crocker cake mixes and they turn out perfect every time. This one was a white cake mix. I made homemade buttercream, but also used a can of store-bought black icing in a can. I used all of the Dr. Seuss books we had around the house for some inspiration and just freehanded the images onto the sides of the cake, first with the colored frosting then outlining and adding details in black. On the front is the Cat's Hat, and one red fish, one blue fish, on the backside of the cake are two Dr. Suess-ish trees. On the top I wrote the birthday boy's name, along with a few more black squiggles. Unfortunately I was slightly crunched for time when I made this cake, otherwise I think I would have made the red and white hat a little better. Oh well!

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Coolest Dr Seuss Cake 15

by Lana

Homemade Dr Seuss Cake

Homemade Dr Seuss Cake

This cake was made for an after-prom at the high school where the theme was all Dr. Seuss. This is my third year making cakes for this event and the kids really seem to love them each year. Everything on the homemade Dr Seuss cake is edible.

The hat was the hardest to make. I initially made it too large and I had to re-size it, cutting it down to its current size. I took a few ideas from this site and others and combined them to make this cake for about 160 hungry teenagers and 30 adults. The hat, cat head and book are all cake. The most difficult thing was that the cat head needed to support all the weight of the hat cake.

The figures were made with fondant and outlined with an edible marker. The fingers were made with modeling white chocolate. I had more fun making this homemade Dr Seuss cake than any other cake I've ever done. This site has been so helpful with ideas. I just love it!

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by: Anonymous

Awesome cake!!!!! I would like the details as to how you did this cake. I have a
nephew that would love for me to do a
cake like this for him. Can you help me

cake instuctions
by: J's Mom

I to would like to know the details and what pans you used to make this beautiful cake. My daughter's big into "the Cat & the Hat" and would love to try and make this cake for her Birthday coming up. Thanks!

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Coolest Dr Seuss Birthday Cake 30

by Debbie
(Clinton Twp., MI)

Homemade Dr Seuss Birthday Cake

Homemade Dr Seuss Birthday Cake

I got ideas from here and then added my own! This Dr Seuss birthday cake turned out better than expected and loved by all!

I started with a 16" square, then I next made a 10" round for the hat base. I then made 6" rounds to form the hat. I could not find a cake topping anywhere so I used free clip art, modge poge them (to make stiff) and perfect. I bought the Bead Blings at Michael's and bought beads to match the cake.

This cake was made for my grand-baby's 1st birthday party where the theme was of course Dr Seuss. This is the 4th lg cake I've ever tried and I have to say, even I was impressed. Thank you for a wonderful page that helped me to imagine!

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by: Kerri M.

If you are not a professional cake decorator you should be this is gorgeous! I am a preschool teacher and I am going to try to use some of your ideas to make a cake for DR. Seuss birthday. My talent will not come close to yours but I will try the hat . thanks

by: Anonymous

You did a spectacular job!!!!! I would love to use your cake as a guide for making my grandson's first birthday cake. He is having a Dr. Seuss themed party. How did you determine the amounts of icing to prepare for your colors?

by: Debbie

I just kept adding the color gel to achieve the color I was happy with. The hardest was the red, (no taste red) I ended up using 2 jars. I bought the black icing in the tubes due to it's perfect color and I only used 3 tubes. As for the amount of icing I did have left overs but it was ok, I took it with me to fix the tops of the cake once separated. I hope this helped a bit and sorry I just saw your question today.

by: Jennifer

What kind of platter did you site this on Ms. Debbie? and where did you find it? :) Thanks!

Cake Board
by: Anonymous


I just cut MDF to support the cake and wrapped it in Wrapping paper then covered it with 20mm plastic I got at Joann's. TY

by: Anonymous

Hi, I made the platter out of MDF and then wrappped it in paper I found to match and then covered that with 20g plastic that I picked up at Joann's. Now I have the board for all my 16" Squares. :)

by: Anonymous

I love this!! How did you make thing 1 and 2?

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Coolest Dr. Pepper Cake 26

by Linda Glass
(Santa Maria, CA)

Dr. Pepper Cake

Dr. Pepper Cake

My husband collects Dr. Pepper bottles and stuff. So this year for his birthday I wanted to make him a special Dr. Pepper cake because he also retired.

I copied one of his old Dr. Pepper bottles on the shelf in our living room. I made two 9x13" German chocolate cakes and one white 9x13" cake. I put coconut/pecan/Carmel filling in the middle and frosted it in white buttercream frosting.

With the white cake I cut out the bottle shape and laid it on top of the cake. I tried to match the colors of the bottle and the soda and the writing as close as the real thing. He loved it a lot!

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