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Coolest Sombrero Cake 8

by Tiffany D.
(Pendleton, IN)

Homemade Sombrero Cake

Homemade Sombrero Cake

This Sombrero Cake was made for a friend who was serving it at a Mexican dinner for family on Memorial Day weekend. She requested a sombrero hat. I struggled with how to make it and ended up making a 14" round cake for the bottom level. The other part was made from the Wilton Wonder cake pan. This is the cake pan that is used to make the Barbie cakes. The cone shape was just perfect. The cake was all strawberry.

To get the hat to look like it was kind of rolled in, I carved out part of the bottom level, creating a two inch ledge that went around the rim of the hat. Because I had just cut out a bunch of cake, there were a lot of crumbs so I first "dirty iced" it with white fondant to catch those crumbs. I then covered it all again with a heavier layer of blue buttercream frosting (I wish I could have gotten it smoother). I made some gold-tone buttercream icing and decorated using the star tip, the shell tip and the small writing tip. I used my son's sombrero we bought him in Cancun as a reference.

I'm much better at fondant but the end result looked like a sombrero and my friend loved it. It was also a large and heavy cake that could serve about 45 people.

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Coolest Pinata Birthday Cake 2

by Danielle Q.
(New Jersey)

Homemade Pinata Birthday Cake

Homemade Pinata Birthday Cake

I made this Pinata Birthday Cake for a friend's birthday. I baked 1 boxed cake mix in a 12 x 18 inch pan. I drew what I wanted the shape of the cake to look like on paper. I split the pinata shape into pieces (2 legs, body, head, ear) and arranged them so that I could cut each out of the 12 x 18 cake. The body was the full 12 inches wide. The legs, head and ear were cut from the remaining cake. It took a lot of drawing and re-drawing to get the pieces just right!

Once the pieces were arranged in the pinata shape, I put a thin, messy layer of store-bought white icing over the entire cake. I dyed white icing several colors using Duff Goldman "Electric Color Gels", which I found gave me great vivid color. Using a decorating tip with a rectangular opening, I piped each "string", starting at the bottom and overlapping and alternating colors as I worked my way up. The eye was made by melting a mini marshmallow and placing a round black sprinkle in the center.

When I started this cake, I did not know exactly how I would achieve the look I wanted, but through trial, error and a lot of patience, it all worked out!

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by: Anonymous

Wow, this is so cool! I'm amazed that you had the patience to pipe every individual string--I would have given up after a few minutes and frosted it smooth. Good work.

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Coolest Breakable Pinata Cake

by Charity S.

Homemade Breakable Pinata Cake

Homemade Breakable Pinata Cake

This Breakable Pinata Cake is a variation of a pinata cake. I used chocolate melts and melted them in the microwave. I lightly sprayed a bowl with non-stick spray and then put the melted chocolate in. I used a rubber spatula to carefully cover the bottom and sides of the bowl. I then put it in the freezer to set.

Once set I carefully inverted the bowl and the chocolate shell slipped out. I traced around it on waxed paper and melted more chocolate. I spread this chocolate evenly in the circle put the wax paper on cardboard and into the freezer to set. Once set I placed the candy inside and then carefully set the chocolate shell over it.

I then used more chocolate which I melted to decorate it. I did this by putting the chocolate in decorating bags and using those and decorating tips. Make sure to put a border of some sort at the bottom to seal the whole thing together. I then popped it into the freezer for a few minutes to let it sit. Present it with a toy hammer and let the birthday person break it.

Comments for Coolest Breakable Pinata Cake

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by: Angela L

what a great ideal

so perfect
by: Anonymous

I have never seen anything like this, it looks so cool, I'm gonna try to make something like this for my niece's birthday this year, I came across this and immediately thought of her, thanks for the great idea!

cant wait!!
by: Anonymous

I am going to try this out soon.Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

by: miller

hi i like this cake if i had kids i well get this

Great Idea!!!!
by: Vickie

I love it! Can't wait to make this. It'll be fun. Thanks so much.

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