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Coolest Fishing Birthday Cake 15

by Rebecca
(Chattanooga, TN)

Homemade Fishing Birthday Cake

Homemade Fishing Birthday Cake

This cake is a boxed mix baked in two 8-in. round pans. I tinted the frosting green and frosted the entire cake with the base color (next time I would use a different frosting recipe as I had a hard time getting it as smooth as I wanted it to be).

I then made marshmallow fondant and formed the rest of the cake with fondant. I rolled out a sheet of green and cut the grass with my pizza wheel. The cattails were made by rolling fondant and sticking it onto the end of spaghetti noodles. I hand formed all the little details, the log, rocks, duck, boat. I used a toothpick to etch the little details in the boat.

My kids had fun helping me form all the little balls to go around the base of the cake. The little plastic fisherman was purchased at a cake decorating store. This homemade fishing birthday cake was a fairly easy cake to make and the recipient was very pleased with the result!

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Coolest Fishing Birthday Cake 10

by Stephanie
(Valley Springs,CA USA)

Fishing or Napping? Birthday Cake

Fishing or Napping? Birthday Cake

The Fishing Birthday Cake was for my husband's 65th birthday and I decided to depict two of his most favorite activities, fishing and napping.
The bottom layer is his favorite spice/pumpkin cake with cream cheese filling, the cake was crumb coated with cream cheese icing then covered with marshmallow fondant tinted blue. I then tinted some piping gel for the water, added some plastic grass that I had trimmed to look like cat tails and tules.

The boat and motor is chocolate cake sculpted to look like a boat, the cake was baked in a 9X9 pan and cut diagonally (the motor was made from a cut off corner). The boat and motor were covered in fondant and set in the "water". The man, tackle box behind his head and the fish are made from fondant and gumpaste. The only things not edible on this cake was the grass and the fishing pole.

Everyone really enjoyed it and many people thought the fondant man looked like my husband!

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Awesome Cake
by: Anna Pacheco

I have never met your husband but the Man in the boat sure looks real. You really did a great Job on this cake. It is Awesome. Love, Anna

Coolest Fishing Birthday Cake
by: Clara

This cake is beautiful, only trouble with it is how are you going to beat this cake next year?
This is just like him. Bet it tasted as good as it looked.

Real Fish
by: Leni

The fish look so real.How did you do it?

great talent and patience
by: lisa

Awesome Steph, you have a great adventurous mind . Still gotta get the recipe for the marshmallow fondant . My imagination is not even close to your wittiness.

Does she know me or what!
by: Jack

OK so she knows me, the cake was great and she's right the two things I do best are fishing and napping. Jack

The cake is great and so are you
by: KIM

I know what a remarkably talented woman you
are but this was awesome! And that IS Jack in the
Wish we were able to come to his 65th birthday
party. We feel like you are family which makes
it even harder not being there for such a
big occasion.
I big thumbs up on the cake. It deserves an

Nice cake
by: Stepanie White

I'm not that good. I could try.
But probably not come close.
by: Sharon Coelho

Hi Steph,
It's an amazing cake. Did you paint the clothes on the figure. I'm curious, I would like to make something similar. I would appreciate your comments.

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Coolest Fishing Cake 11

by Mel
(Blgtn, IN)

Homemade Fishing Cake

Homemade Fishing Cake

This Fishing Cake is 2 11x15 cakes put together. I got candy rocks, and use brown sugar for sand. I had to level one cake so i used some of it to make a hill. The trees are an old Christmas tree limb.

The cattails are Q-tips painted brown with kids water paint and some greenery I cut and hot glued to some flower wire. Add a few frogs and a snake. I made the wedding topper with 2 wooden hearts and a wooded fence. Dowel rods for the fishing poles and safety pins fishing line. I made hook and a weigh from one safety pin and used beads for the bobbers. I made the folding chair from tooth picks and thick paper and material and a hot glue gun. I made the fishing net from tooling. Sew a triangle and sewed it onto a key ring then took flowerwire and wrapped it around the ring and a small piece of dowel rod.

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Coolest Fishermen Cake 20

by Deanna
(Temecula, CA)

Homemade Fishermen Cake

Homemade Fishermen Cake

Homemade Fishermen Cake
Homemade Fishermen Cake

Received inspiration by visiting your site for my husband's birthday cake and collaborated several ideas submitted by your talented contestants. Wanted to include our 2 sons in the cake and simulate our local lake.

I used #233 tip for the grass and seaweed. Decorating bag with coupler (no tip)for body. #12 tip for arms, legs, head, hat and river rock. #2 Eyes, mouth and button detail. I used lollipop sticks and fishing line secured with foiled wire ties for the fishing poles and added Swedish fish.

This Homemade Fishermen Cake was a hit and loved having this for my sons to share with their daddy. Made it a very special day.

Thank you again for this website, I couldn't have done this without you!

Comments for Coolest Fishermen Cake 20

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by: Abby

Love this cake! How creative!

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