Coolest Brain Cake

This Brain Cake was the inspiration of my wife, we were going to do a Lego cake but this was much more fun,

The cake itself is a normal sponge cake coloured with red food colouring so that when we cut it open it will be red inside too,

It was baked in a Pyrex bowl to get the rounded shape and frozen. Then it was carved into a brain shape and covered in the pink icing. The grooves were made by using a piece of string lightly pressed into the icing before it dried.

The eyeballs and scalpel are made purely out of icing, the nerves from the eyes were made from strawberry laces.

After the stage when the photo was taken we got some red food colouring and sprayed the cake so it glistened with red liquid just before presenting to my 11 year old boy who absolutely loved it.

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  1. This is great!! I think I’m gonna steal your idea for our ‘cake Friday’ Psychology lesson this week. . .. ;)


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