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1st Birthday Cloud Cake

Hello! I made this 1st birthday cloud cake for a friend’s son who was turning one. For something different, I have written a poem to explain my extreme anguish, but pure delight in creating this cake. Hope you find it as much fun as I did writing about and baking this cake.

1st Birthday Cloud Cake Poem

The little bit of awesomeness upon the cloud your hand will be
The grass that grows from left to right and create a little tree
Blue for sky, as the water in a swimming pool
And a little cars to match, it makes it extra cool

The baker’s friend, and son you are, turn 1 with wide delight
The fact that you are able to cut your own cake, and put up a fight
Your finger prints and squishing task, allows you to know you are one
And then again, behind the scenes, the baker smiles a ton

For what it is worth, the shopping sucked I found but nothing to bake
I thought the eggs were rather small, and blue for boy was a typical cake
I gathered that the fondant would be in the top behind the draw
But when I took out the fondant wrap as hard a rock, it hit the floor

So in the car I went to the shop to get some more special tools
I pulled and tugged and lost some sleep, to get the cake to you
But then the board underneath, was lose paper, and slightly apart
I was about to pull my hair, before I began to start

I baked the cake without the sugar, and then prayed the oven through
I realised that in my defence, the flour turned to glue
It came out great, and pliable, and at last was cooling
I then realised in South Africa, the lights go off, who on earth would be so cruel

The butter swabbed, and bubbled and bruised, beating with my wrist
I eventually got it soft when the lights came on, I showed them a true fist
I finished up and set it through, for Junior had to have it quick
And then I watched as it came together, at last no fist no sticks.

A very happy, cloudy car birthday, to a little man who just turned one
May the happiness of the birthday wish, be just for wishes and for fun.

– Written by Gillian Sinequan

1st Birthday Cloud Cake

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